❶ Makeup Lesson: Evening Look

❶ Makeup Lesson: Evening Look
❶ Makeup Lesson: Evening Look

Video: ❶ Makeup Lesson: Evening Look

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Video: 10 Minute Evening Look Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones 2023, January
Makeup lesson: evening look
Makeup lesson: evening look

It takes a lot of effort to express elegance and sophistication at a gala dinner or party. A special case is with evening make-up, as it should not only be combined with a hairstyle, dress and accessories, but also emphasize the seductiveness of the eyes and lips. Location: Location: The peculiarity of evening makeup is that it looks appropriate only with artificial and dim light.

It is better to experiment with the color of the eyeshadows and outfits beforehand to get the perfect evening look.

There are rules for applying evening makeup, adhere to them, create makeup yourself.

The very first thing you need to pay attention to is the skin of the face. Apply a tone similar to your skin tone. Use a foundation to hide imperfections and imperfections of the skin, and even out the complexion. Foundation has a tendency to wear off, so apply a thin layer of powder on top of a lighter and golden hue.

The eyes are one of the main accents of the evening look. Start by tucking in your eyebrows. In evening makeup, they just need to be highlighted. Accentuate the brow line with a pencil or eye shadow, while taking into account their color. If they are light, then use dim shades. For brunettes, a dark pencil is suitable.

After the eyebrows, move on to the eyelid makeup. Use bright and dark shades, don't be afraid to be expressive and even a little flashy. First apply light shadows as a base, and then apply dark shadows starting from the outer corner. Apply lighter tones for the middle of the eyelid. Shadows should be shaded carefully to avoid sharp color transitions.

To visually enlarge the eyes, apply white shadows to the inner corner of the eyes and blend with a cotton swab. Also draw in the lower eyelid with a light pencil, and darken the outer corner. This type of makeup will add expressiveness to your eyes.

Long and thick eyelashes are a must for evening makeup. Don't be afraid to apply mascara several times, while painting them from root to tip, allowing each layer to dry. For extra charm, stick multiple tufts of eyelashes on the outer corner of your upper eyelid.

If your eyes are the main focus, then paint your lips in more natural shades. But if the makeup is calm, then make your lips as sexy and expressive as possible. Red and pink shades are ideal for an evening look. To keep the lipstick lasting throughout the evening, powder your lips and then apply lipstick.

Finally, highlight the cheekbones. The color of the blush should be richer than with daytime makeup. For a seductive look, apply a shimmery blush to the top of your cheekbones.

When your makeup is ready, take care of your outfit and hairstyle. Make the look harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Don't try to impress everyone with your outfit and accessories. Focus on one detail and be confident in your splendor.

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