❶ All About Chemical Hair Straightening

❶ All About Chemical Hair Straightening
❶ All About Chemical Hair Straightening

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All about chemical hair straightening
All about chemical hair straightening

The fairer sex, with naturally straight hair, go to great lengths to have beautiful curls on their heads. But those girls whom nature has endowed with curls usually dream of smoothing their hair. Fortunately, both can be helped. Chemical hair straightening is exactly what can make your hair smooth for a long time. Location: Location:

Chemical hair straightening is not only a very effective, but at the same time, the harshest method of straightening.

The very procedure of chemical straightening is the use of special chemical compounds. There are several varieties of them. The most common are sodium hydroxide or ammonium thioglycolate.

The first straightener is designed for highly curly and curly hair. It causes great damage to the hair structure. But only he is able to make perfectly even strands from the most persistent curls. The second straightener is more commonly used for damaged and wavy hair. It does less damage, but it is also not that strong.

If chemical straightening is carried out using a strong straightener, then the procedure is based on the use of a fat base. This base is usually a special fat cream. It is he who protects the scalp from the harmful effects of the chemical composition.

Usually, chemical hair straightening is carried out in three stages: applying a straightener, fixing it with a neutralizer, and using a conditioner.

Chemical rectifiers are also classified according to the strength of the impact:

- high strength rectifiers. They are usually used to straighten coarse hair.

- rectifiers of medium strength. They are mainly used to straighten hair of normal texture.

- rectifiers of weak strength. They are gentle on the hair.

It is worth noting that if the hair is dyed with caustic paint, then you may be denied the service of chemical hair straightening.

After chemical hair straightening, neither heat nor high air humidity - nothing can reverse the structure of straightened hair.

The only thing that after a few months will start to bother you is the growing curly roots. But this can be easily eliminated by the procedure of chemical straightening of regrown roots.

If your hair is curly, you do not like it, you are tired of standing in front of the mirror for hours, smoothing stubborn curls, then there is only one way out of this - chemical hair straightening.

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