❶ Beautiful Tan With Food

❶ Beautiful Tan With Food
❶ Beautiful Tan With Food

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A beautiful tan with food
A beautiful tan with food

Women dream of a beautiful tan not only in the summer, but throughout the year. It is easy to get a bronze skin tone in any season, fortunately, there are plenty of tanning beds and self-tanners. Of course, tanning salons have a lot of contraindications, and self-tanning products do not always give the desired effect. Few people know that you can also use food to give your skin a healthy look and natural tan. Location: Location:

There are a number of foods that, if consumed on a regular basis, can increase the production of melanin and thus give the skin an attractive tone. These products simultaneously have a strong antioxidant effect, so, along with the appearance of a natural tan, the skin will look radiant, healthy and smooth.

To strengthen tanning, you should include in the diet foods high in tyrosine and tryptophan (amino acids that stimulate the production of melanin), beta-carotene (gives the skin a golden hue), vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant), lycopene and selenium.

The most famous product that tints the skin in a seductive dark shade is carrots. It is the leader in the content of beta-carotene, which protects the surface of the body from sunburn, and also promotes better tanning. However, you should not eat carrots in large quantities to darken - it is fraught with allergies or hypervitaminosis A. The norm is two medium carrots or a glass of fresh carrot per day. Remember that vitamin A in carrots is absorbed by the body only in combination with vegetable oils.

Apricots and peaches are slightly inferior to carrots in beta-carotene content. Peaches help the tan to spread evenly on the skin. Apricots have a lot of potassium and iron, and therefore you can use them as much as you like, if there are no problems with the digestive tract. But do not lean on these fruits while at the resort, otherwise you risk earning unpleasant sensations in the stomach and lie in the room for the whole rest. Eat no more than one peach and five to six apricots a day.

There is enough beta-carotene in spinach. It is the use of spinach that will help to fix the tan for a long time or add to the existing more juicy bronze shade, protect the skin from harmful sun radiation.

Broccoli has protective properties, as it contains almost all vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Broccoli is very effective for redness caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Melon intensifies and accelerates tanning. For an even and radiant tan, eat about 300 grams of melon every day.

For tanning, watermelons, tomatoes, asparagus and grapes are also recommended.

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