❶ How To Do Vacuum Massage At Home

❶ How To Do Vacuum Massage At Home
❶ How To Do Vacuum Massage At Home

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How to do vacuum massage at home
How to do vacuum massage at home

Many will be surprised to hear that it is quite possible to do vacuum massage at home. And ordinary cans will come to your aid: glass household, plastic, pharmacy or vacuum. Location: Location: Vacuum massage is often used for body shaping, in the fight against cellulite. To do it at home, you can do only with massage oil, a jar and a lighter.

First, you need to apply massage oil to the skin of the thighs and buttocks or abdomen. It depends on which part of the body you are going to massage. It is not worth saving, in this case there should be more oil than with an ordinary massage, otherwise the banks will not be able to slide. The product must be distributed evenly over the skin with stroking movements.

Then you need to put a jar on the body, which will be used for massage. If you are using a regular or medical can, it should be turned upside down. You need to bring a burning lighter to the neck for a few seconds and immediately put the neck down on the skin. If a pharmacy can is used, it will be enough to hold the lighter for 1-2 seconds, for a can of baby food, a sufficient time is 2-3 seconds.

The plastic can should be squeezed between your fingers, placed on your skin and released. The vacuum can must be placed on the skin, and then, using a pump, remove air from it. If everything was done correctly, after placing the can, the skin should immediately begin to retract and form a roller.

The jar needs to be moved along the skin in the direction of the lymph outflow. These directions are different for each massaged part of the body. After the end of the movement, the jar should be slightly raised, after which it will easily lag behind the skin. After that, you need to put it back on and continue the massage.

Each buttock must be mentally divided by a line that goes from the spine to the place where the buttocks pass into the thigh, into 2 halves. The area that is located below and inside relative to this line should be massaged with movements that are directed downward. The outer upper part - movements that are directed upward.

To determine the direction of the massage lines on the thigh, its surface must also be divided into 2 parts by a vertical line. The outer part must be massaged with movements that are directed outward relative to the conventionally drawn line. The inner part - movements that are directed inward.

The abdominal area should be massaged from the lower ribs and sides to the pubis. The navel must be bypassed from either side, otherwise the jar will come off the skin.

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