❶ Rejuvenation: Modern Technologies In Cosmetology

❶ Rejuvenation: Modern Technologies In Cosmetology
❶ Rejuvenation: Modern Technologies In Cosmetology

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Rejuvenation: modern technologies in cosmetology
Rejuvenation: modern technologies in cosmetology

Perhaps, in the 21st century, it is already impossible to imagine such words as "cosmetic procedures" without equipment created according to the latest technology. And such definitions as peptides, lipids, subcutaneous adipose tissue are known even to adolescents. After all, preserving youth and beauty is no longer a matter of several hundred women, but of millions of people. Location: Location:

Today, using technical advances in cosmetology, special attention is paid to ensuring that the procedure is painless, accurate and with minimal negative and maximum positive consequences. Another thing is that you need to be able to navigate this wealth of procedures that today's beauty industry offers us.

Among the most common cosmetic procedures among women is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a type of procedure that can be used even at a young age. It is an injection of various drugs, including vitamins, which help to renew the skin, remove harmful substances, and get rid of cellulite. This falls under the category of those cosmetics that are best used as early as possible. Although these injections are somewhat painful, they are popular with women due to their good results.

Photorejuvenation also helps to rejuvenate the skin and is completely painlessly tolerated. An excellent remedy for preventive purposes. With this method, the skin becomes more elastic, cleansed and brightened. Pigment spots, freckles disappear, pores shrink, the number of blackheads decreases, but this method does not give deep rejuvenation.

Seasonal methods include laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. These methods give a firming effect, due to which the skin becomes smoother, wrinkles are less visible. After applying these procedures, a recovery period is required, since the upper dermis is damaged.

A toned, ideal face shape can be obtained with the help of thread reinforcement. This method is also popular, but after it it will be necessary to refrain from cosmetic surgical intervention and massage.

One of the most successfully used in Europe and Russia is photothermolysis. By introducing stimulants into the skin, collagen and elastin are formed, which rejuvenate the skin. The effect is achieved after several months. The skin is tightened, fine wrinkles are smoothed, after a month - deep folds, the second chin disappears. In order for the effect to remain for a long time, it is necessary to regularly attend the procedures, and then the result will be like with plastic surgery.

For those who do not like to wait long, modern biomedicine has come up with laser cosmetology, which uses all types of lasers, from high-energy, used in surgery, to low-intensity. The success and popularity of this type depends not only on the successful tolerance of the procedure, but also on the quick effect.

The variety of cosmetic procedures allows modern women to stay young and beautiful for a long time, but this does not mean that you will leave a beautician as a young girl. You need to start taking care of your health and beauty as early as possible, and then in the future you, with the help of an experienced doctor, will be able to choose the most correct and gentle way of rejuvenation.

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