❶ Wipe Fatigue Off Your Face

❶ Wipe Fatigue Off Your Face
❶ Wipe Fatigue Off Your Face

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Wipe the fatigue off your face
Wipe the fatigue off your face

Stress, regular lack of sleep and overexertion at work leave traces of fatigue on the face. Dark circles and puffiness appear under the eyes, and the skin takes on a faded gray tint. Such a reflection in the mirror plunges into even greater depression, and those around them pay attention to the dull look. How to erase fatigue from your face in order to look always fresh and cheerful? Location: Location:

You can restore your eyes and skin to life shine with makeup and cosmetic procedures. Refreshing makeup will help in emergencies, and it is better to use cosmetic procedures to restore a healthy-looking face.

When applying cosmetics, follow these rules:

- Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a light beige or white eye shadow.

- Focus on the upper eyelids. Apply light and bright shadows other than pink. Do not apply dark purple, brown, green and gray eyeshadow to the lower eyelids, and do not line them with a pencil of the same color. This will only aggravate the tired look.

- Curl and color your eyelashes to keep your eyes open and defined.

- To improve skin color, use a foundation or powder, apply pink blush on your cheeks.

- Paint your lips with pearlescent lipstick or lip gloss. Avoid dark and flesh beige shades.

Masks made from natural ingredients will refresh your face. For example, a raw potato mask will relieve swelling and sharpen facial contours. Use a fine grater to get potato gruel. Then squeeze lightly and place on your face, gripping the eyelid area. Lie with the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with water at room temperature.

A contrast shower will help relieve fatigue from the entire body. Alternate between warm and cool water every three minutes for 10-15 minutes. Start with warm water douches and finish with cool water. Cold tones the skin, so ice can be used to restore freshness to the face. Wrap ice cubes in a thin natural cloth towel and apply to eyelids and cheeks.

Moderate fitness and outdoor walks are also helpful. With active physical activity, the blood supply and nutrition of the skin improves, and a natural glow appears. Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep per night and learn relaxation techniques. Learning to relax will help you cope with stressful situations more calmly and recover faster from strenuous work.

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