❶ African Braids - Trendy Hairstyle

❶ African Braids - Trendy Hairstyle
❶ African Braids - Trendy Hairstyle

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African braids - trendy hairstyle
African braids - trendy hairstyle

After the African style of life (clothing, music, jewelry) came into fashion, the hairstyles of the peoples of Africa became widespread, namely braids, i.e. African braids. Location: Location: Braids are hair that is braided in various ways. In Africa, you can find a large number of different types of braids. However, in Russia, only a few of them are widespread: the usual pigtail, consisting of 3 strands, sausages, ropes and plaits.

An artificial material is used as the basis for braids - canicalon, which is woven into natural hair. Thus, the hairstyle consists of one third of natural hair and two thirds of canicalon strands. Thanks to this combination, you can give your hair the required volume and desired length.

However, if you have short hair, don't rush to despair. You can also wear African braids, because the length in this case does not really matter, since artificial strands are woven into the very roots of natural hair, the length of which can be from 7 cm or more.

In the event that you treat braids carefully, they will not give you any trouble. They, like regular hair, are washed and dried with a hairdryer. If the natural hair is dyed, then you can tint the hair roots as usual. You can make a variety of hairstyles from braids and even curl them. Much depends on your imagination.

The indisputable advantage of braids is that they save you from having to come up with a hairstyle every day, waste time styling your hair. With braids you will forget about such problems. At any time of the day, you will have a spectacular and stylish hairstyle.

Braiding is done in a hairdresser or beauty salon. First, the master conducts a consultation: the length and color of the braids are selected. Then the entire hair volume is divided into sectors and braiding begins. Weaving time is about 8 hours. Sometimes 2 masters work with one client at once.

As a result, to achieve a chic effect, it is necessary to weave from 200 to 300 braids into the hairstyle. Only in this case will the hairstyle be performed at a professional level.

Braids can be worn for 3-4 months, no more. With prolonged use, your hair grows back, the hairstyle loses its chic look, and it will be more difficult to remove it later. If you want to walk around with braids longer, it's better to rewind them.

In no case should you remove the braids yourself at home. You can seriously damage your hair. Entrust this matter to the master in the salon, because we are talking about the health of your hair. The specialist will apply the nutritional composition, after which the braids will easily unravel without damaging natural hair.

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