❶ How To Determine Your Hair Type

❶ How To Determine Your Hair Type
❶ How To Determine Your Hair Type

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How to determine your hair type
How to determine your hair type

Hair is an integral part of the human image, so it is important that it looks healthy and strong. For this, it is not enough to use newfangled care products, it is also important to correctly determine the type of your hair. This will not only help maintain the natural balance of nutrients, but also give your hair extra protection and a healthy shine. Location: Location: As you know, each person is unique, he has a completely individual set of qualities and advantages. The same goes for health and beauty, so hair can only be roughly divided into 4 types. However, this will lay a good foundation for the correct selection of shampoos, balms and other care products.

Hair is divided into types based on fat content: oily, normal, dry and mixed hair. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be changed, because the sebaceous glands on the head are responsible for the percentage of fat in the hair. In addition, they can even increase the secretion, for example, due to stress or a shift in hormonal levels. Therefore, the hair must be carefully monitored.

Oily and dry hair is the most unprotected and requires special care, since the work of the sebaceous glands in their case does not work properly: either too intensively or not efficiently enough.

Oily hair can be identified by its appearance: it looks damp, sticky and does not look washed for a long time. This type requires frequent washing, and you need to focus specifically on the products that are suitable for this. The ideal option is every other day; if this turns out to be not enough, then it is worth thinking about additional measures, for example, making a special mask made from natural ingredients or ready-made.

In addition, there is also a radical measure: a light perm will slightly lift the hair from the roots, and the fat will not be able to spread along the entire length of the hair. Highlighting is also suitable, after which the hair becomes more porous and absorbs more fat, without leaving excess that spoils the appearance.

Dry hair is dull, quickly tangled, difficult to comb, but easy to deform. However, dry hair can be not only natural; it can be purchased by bad staining, discoloration or sunburn. Dry hair does not require frequent washing, but products need to be especially nourishing to recharge them for a long time. It is good to do masks at least once a week, and also use moisturizing and nourishing sprays every day that will add shine and prevent hair from tangling when combing.

Normal hair lends itself well to styling, bouncy and shiny. Such hair is healthy due to the tight closure of hair scales, they do not exfoliate and fall out within normal limits.

Improper care can lead to a mixed type. This is hair, oily at the roots, but dry at the ends. Such hair is very difficult to care for; it is better to carefully monitor how they are laid. If this is the frequent use of hot air or the wrong choice of care, then you should reconsider the way you shape your hairstyle, switch to safe curlers, and replace the shampoo.

It is good to apply special masks or oils for several weeks, best of all in combination: rub oil into the roots to remove excess fat, and apply a nourishing concentrate to all hair.

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