❶ Hair Care In Autumn

❶ Hair Care In Autumn
❶ Hair Care In Autumn

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Hair care in the fall
Hair care in the fall

In the fall, hair is not going through the best time. Rains, high humidity, strong winds negatively affect the curls. You yourself have probably noticed that at this time of year, in order to style your hair, you have to make a lot more effort. Therefore, it is in the fall that hair requires special care. Location: Location: Trim split ends to keep your hair tidier

After a trip to a seaside resort and the stuffiness of the metropolis, exhausted and burnt hair begins to split and frizz. Ask your hairdresser to cut 1-2 from each section - it will become much easier to style your hair. Plus, this will give them an attractive appearance.

Use leave-in conditioners to heal your hair and give it a delicious shine

Of course, one hair care product cannot solve all problems. But a leave-in conditioner is not only a medicinal product, but also a cosmetic product. It usually contains vitamins and ceramides, as well as caring and moisturizing ingredients. It saves you a lot of time due to its versatility - with its help you can quickly fix a tousled hairstyle or eliminate the need to use a conditioner balm after washing. It is enough to spray it on damp hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Hair will acquire shine, stop tangling and fall out profusely.

In the cold season, wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Hot water can cause serious damage to damaged curls. In autumn, under the influence of the surrounding weather conditions and against the background of a seasonal weakening of the immune system of your body, hair of any type becomes porous - it begins to bristle and fluff. To “smooth” the hair scales, use only water for washing, the temperature of which does not exceed 25-30 ° C.

Don't forget about hats.

Undoubtedly, any woman likes to show off her luxurious hairstyle to those around her. However, in the cold season, it is better to forget that beauty requires sacrifice. Cold and rainwater, which has absorbed almost half of the periodic table, can harm not only the hair, but also the scalp. Therefore, protect your hair from external influences with an elegant hat or warm knitted hat.

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