❶ Winter Gentle Hand Problems

❶ Winter Gentle Hand Problems
❶ Winter Gentle Hand Problems

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Winter problems of gentle hands
Winter problems of gentle hands

Sometimes, directing all efforts to combat wrinkles on the face, women forget about their hands. But by the way the hands look, one can judge the general health of a woman and her age. Very often, applying a moisturizer several times a day becomes the main skin care for your hands. But this is completely insufficient, especially in winter. Location: Location:

Winter is a real test for our defenseless hands. Sudden temperature changes when leaving a warm room to the cold, frosty air and wind, seasonal vitamin deficiency - all these factors adversely affect the skin of the hands, dry it out, making it rough and flabby. Therefore, their care is very intensive. Otherwise, the winter problems of gentle hands will make themselves felt already with the appearance of the first cold weather.

To protect the skin of your hands from freezing and chapping, all means are good: from all kinds of creams to ordinary mittens. What should be a protective hand cream? It can be a variety of moisturizers and nourishing creams with added glycerin. Such creams create an invisible protective film on the skin of the hands, thanks to which the skin retains its natural moisture and does not dry out.

But creams and mittens alone are not enough. In order for the skin of the hands to remain tender, it is necessary to nourish them with special masks. Not necessarily purchased, you can make them yourself. The most effective are masks made by hand from vegetable oil, honey, egg yolks and fat cottage cheese.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of hygiene products. Many products dry out the skin very much, so it is better to stop your choice on liquid soap. The composition of its components is not as harmful to skin cells as the composition of ordinary soap.

Household chores associated with hot water and detergents also have a negative effect on the skin of women's hands. Therefore, there is no need to risk it, it is better to use rubber gloves.

For existing damage to the skin of the hands, baths of chamomile, thyme, sage are perfect. You can also steam your hands in warm water with the addition of starch. It has antibacterial properties and is excellent for softening rough skin.

Such a simple set of procedures will help prevent the appearance of winter problems of delicate hands. After all, sometimes it is better to take care of yourself in advance than to eliminate the consequences later.

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