❶ How To Curl Eyelashes With Tongs

❶ How To Curl Eyelashes With Tongs
❶ How To Curl Eyelashes With Tongs

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How to curl your eyelashes with tongs
How to curl your eyelashes with tongs

Many girls dream of making their eyes more expressive. Someone has endowed nature with lush, thick and curly eyelashes, someone less fortunate. However, nowadays, every girl can have an attractive look, a striking wave of eyelashes. Location: Location: There are many ways to improve the look of your eyelashes, from curling, coloring, lengthening, and ending with an eyelash extension procedure. Often, even the owners of long eyelashes cannot boast of their bend, and therefore for many years, beauties have been looking for ways to change the shape of their eyelashes. The easiest way to curl your lashes at home is to use a curling iron. According to the principle of operation, they resemble a guillotine, however, thanks to an insert made of plastic or rubber,the possibility of damaging the eyelashes with metal elements is excluded if the forceps are used correctly.

So, before you start curling your eyelashes, make sure that the tongs are in good working order and that the metal elements are not in contact with each other. If everything is in order, then to improve the effect of the procedure, heat the tongs either under running hot water or using a stream of hot air from a hair dryer.

To curl your lashes, keep your lashes clean and dry and apply mascara after the procedure.

Start gripping the lashes from the base, making sure not to accidentally grip the skin of the upper eyelid. Do not squeeze the curling iron too much so as not to damage the eyelashes, and also so that the angle of the curl is not unnatural. It is better to clamp the eyelashes several times along their length, on average 3 times, each time slightly higher than the previous clamping. Using a mirror, you can check how the curvature will look from the side, so you can adjust it according to your wishes. By adjusting the clamping force and its duration, you can achieve the perfect result.

To achieve the effect of eyelashes "fanning", part of the eyelashes (from the side of the nose to the middle of the eyelid) must be clamped upwards, and the remaining eyelashes - towards the side towards the temple.

After the curling procedure, it is advisable not to expose the eyelashes to moisture. Use thick, dry mascara, and try to stay out of rain and snow.

Unfortunately, the effect of curling eyelashes with tongs is short-lived, and therefore the manipulations must be repeated periodically.

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