❶ How To Paint Lips

❶ How To Paint Lips
❶ How To Paint Lips

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How to paint lips
How to paint lips

Even lips that are far from ideal can be turned into attractive and exciting lips with lipstick. To do this, you need to learn how to paint them correctly. This is not an easy task, but an amazing result is guaranteed. Location: Location: Before starting lip make-up, it is a good idea to do exfoliation - to clean the lips of dead scales. This can be done with a soft, dry toothbrush. Massage your lips with it for one to two minutes, they will become soft and the paint will hold better.

Be sure to apply lip balm to your lips to prevent drying out. A tonal foundation is applied over the balm, this must be done very carefully, filling every crack. Use a sponge to smooth out your lips.

To make the lipstick last longer, powder your lips a little.

After that, you can apply the contour with a special lip pencil. Choose it to match your lipstick, or one tone darker; it is unacceptable to use different shades of lipstick and contour pencil in makeup. At this stage, you can make the lips fuller if they are thin, slightly going beyond the natural boundaries when applying the contour, or reduce too full lips by applying the contour slightly inside the natural one and not bringing it to the corners of the lips. For very full lips, it is better not to use a contour pencil.

At first, it is difficult to clearly and evenly apply the contour with a pencil, you can try to put points along the desired contour, and then connect them. It is advisable to shade the contour a little inward, the makeup will look more natural.

The most important task is choosing the right lipstick color. Usually, darker lipstick is applied to full lips, and lighter tones are chosen for narrow ones. The tone of the lipstick should match the skin tone: for the cold type, cold lipstick colors are suitable - pink, lilac from pale to rich, for the warm type, warm shades are suitable - from orange to red-brown. The bright red color of the lipstick is versatile.

The lipstick inside the contour is applied with a brush, it can be used to paint over the lips more thoroughly and mix lipstick shades. Lips start from the center. By using several shades of the same lipstick tone, the lips can be made more voluminous. To do this, use a lighter shade in the center of the lips, and darker in the corners.

Paint over each crack on the surface of the lips and brush a little inside the mouth so that there is no noticeable sharp contrast between the color of the lipstick and the mucous membrane.

Gently blot excess lipstick with a paper towel and reapply lipstick to lips, then blot again with a tissue. After such a procedure, it will stay on the lips longer.

For a moist lip effect, apply lip gloss over the lipstick.

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