❶ Beautiful Manicure At Home

❶ Beautiful Manicure At Home
❶ Beautiful Manicure At Home

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Beautiful manicure at home
Beautiful manicure at home

Well-groomed hands and nails always speak in favor of their owner. Just like the face, skin and hair, nails need constant care. Taking care of your nails and hand skin is not that difficult. The main thing is to do it daily. Location: Location:

The term manicure is usually understood as caring for healthy skin and nails of the hands. These activities can be divided into hygienic care, cosmetic treatment and nail decoration.

Daily care methods include cleaning your nails with a special nail polish and washing your fingertips with a special soap and brush. It is advisable to file the tips of the nails a little every day, lubricate the skin with cream.

More thorough care will be provided by a regular (wet) manicure. It is advisable to do it at least once every two weeks, but more often. To do this, you will need a set of a bowl of warm soapy water, nail polish remover, hand cream and cotton pads or cotton wool, cleaning sticks, nail files, a dull spatula to push the skin next to the nail and cutting tools - small nail scissors tips and tweezers. For manicure, it is recommended to use non-metallic tools, since metal scrape off the surface layer of the nail plate. Remember to treat your tools with an antiseptic before starting your manicure to prevent infections.

Wipe off the polish first if your nails have been painted. Then file them. You can also polish your nails, but this will require post-treatment with a special gel. After that, steam your hands in a bath of warm water, then move the cuticle aside and cut it off with tweezers. If necessary, remove burrs, rough skin. If you accidentally injure yourself, be sure to treat your cut with 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is worth adding mineral supplements, ceramides, vegetable oils (usually olive or peach) to the hand bath; lanolin is then called "hot". This strengthens the nails and reduces brittleness.

You can do unedged (dry) manicure. The main difference from the usual one is that a product containing fruit acids is applied to the cuticle, under the influence of which it softens and quite simply separates from the nail. With this method of treatment, the varnish applied to the nails lasts longer.

After you have dealt with the processing of nails, you can move on to decorating them. There is now a huge choice for this. You can simply apply varnish on your nails (remember, they must be dry and they should be degreased with a special tool), although there are options here. In addition to the fact that almost the entire color palette is present on the market, varnishes also differ in their effect on the nail. There are products that care for and treat nails.

Start applying varnish from the center of the nail, gradually moving to the edges. After each stroke, dip the brush again into the bottle of varnish. The varnish must be sufficiently liquid, otherwise it will not be possible to apply it accurately. If your nails are uneven, you can use a special "leveler" before coating them with varnish. After applying the varnish - "fixer", it allows you to keep the varnish for a longer period. If you are applying several layers of varnish that take a long time to dry, use a "fixer".

In addition to nail polish, you can use stickers on nails, rhinestones, glitter, colored sand, special stencils for drawing a picture, and even feathers and lace. It all depends on your desire and imagination.

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