❶ Sharon Stone Beauty Secrets

❶ Sharon Stone Beauty Secrets
❶ Sharon Stone Beauty Secrets

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Sharon Stone's beauty secrets
Sharon Stone's beauty secrets

Sharon Stone recently turned 53, and she does not hide her age. It is clear why: as soon as an actress admits that she has “changed” her sixties, she will hear an enthusiastic “can't be!” In response, because she looks 15-20 years younger. Location: Location:

The smartest woman in Hollywood has long discovered the secrets of beauty, the most important of which is the ability to live in harmony with yourself and your age. Unlike most of the stars, Stone does not use and does not intend to use plastic surgery services, does not get rid of wrinkles with the help of braces or injections. Moreover, she even uses cosmetics in small quantities, preferring natural beauty to all this.

The secret of the actress's youth is a healthy lifestyle. She eats right, excluding preservatives, foods high in fat and sweets (except dark chocolate) from her menu, does not eat after 7 pm, drinks at least 2 liters of water a day. She does not drink strong alcoholic drinks, sometimes allowing herself only a glass of wine at dinner. Stone does not adhere to any diets and at the same time maintains a slim figure. In addition, the actress prefers walks in the fresh air to regular workouts.

In her interviews, the actress admits that daily meditation helps her to look good. She loves to take baths with Dead Sea salts and uses aromatic oils. Subdued lights, soft music, or books help her relax, relieve stress and lift her mood.

Sharon Stone prefers natural makeup. She uses a moisturizer with retinol every day, but applies decorative cosmetics only if necessary. The actress usually uses foundation instead of powder, lengthening mascara, natural blush, lipstick or gloss. Stone's favorite cosmetic brand is Dior, by the way, the face of which she has long been.

The actress has her hair cut by the famous Hollywood hairdresser Peter Sevik, she trusts only professionals in hair coloring. Long ago she opted for short haircuts that reveal her beautiful face well.

But it's not just these tricks that help Sharon Stone remain one of Hollywood's most desirable women. Her hallmark is absolute self-confidence, thanks to which the actress attracts people to her so much. She has a graceful posture, an easy gait, her every movement is imbued with confidence and charm. Therefore, even on a walk in ordinary jeans and a T-shirt, Stone looks "welcoming, graceful and cute", and this, in her words, is the most important rule for a woman.

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