❶ Laser Peeling - The Secret Of Youthful Skin

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❶ Laser Peeling - The Secret Of Youthful Skin
❶ Laser Peeling - The Secret Of Youthful Skin

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Laser peeling is the secret of youthful skin
Laser peeling is the secret of youthful skin

Laser peeling of the skin of the face and body is a hardware procedure that is carried out in a beauty parlor. In several sessions, you can achieve effective skin rejuvenation, get rid of scars and scars. With the help of erbium lasers, the cosmetologist acts on the surface or middle layers of the epidermis, polishing the skin. Location: Location:

Laser skin peeling: main advantages

Clinical studies have confirmed that laser peeling helps to get rid of visible signs of aging and renew the deep layers of the dermis. After seven treatments, an intense production of elastin and collagen begins in the skin, due to which wrinkles and other irregularities are literally pushed out from the inside. The elasticity of the dermis fibers increases, as a result, it becomes noticeable that the skin is smooth, elastic, the color is evened out, and pigmentation disappears.

With the help of laser peeling, you can get rid of permanent makeup, make enlarged pores, stretch marks, or stretch marks, scars invisible. In addition, another undoubted advantage of laser skin resurfacing is that the procedure is carried out by a non-contact method, and this in turn allows minimizing possible complications.

The effect after laser resurfacing lasts a long time. Burns are completely excluded, so there is no rehabilitation period. Clients can deal with urgent matters right after the procedure. But the most important advantage is that the results and consequences of laser peeling are always predictable.

How is laser peeling carried out

In one procedure, 1 to 20 μg of the dermis is evaporated using a laser. Photo ablation is performed quickly and completely painlessly. Heat penetrates only the surface layers of the skin, excluding burns.

After the first laser peeling, the skin becomes smoother, tighter, but in order to achieve the desired effect, the beautician will advise you to carry out from 7 to 15 resurfacing.

The price of laser face and body peeling is consistently high. This is one of the main drawbacks of the procedure. Redness can persist on the skin for a long time, which can also be attributed to the disadvantages of laser resurfacing.

Contraindications for laser peeling

Like any other hardware procedure, laser peeling has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended for any skin diseases, for systemic diseases of internal organs, for oncological diseases, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

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