❶ How To Go To The Solarium

❶ How To Go To The Solarium
❶ How To Go To The Solarium

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How to go to the solarium
How to go to the solarium

Exposure to ultraviolet rays can be both beneficial and dangerous for the body. To minimize the possible harm associated with visiting a tanning salon, you must follow general recommendations and take into account the individual characteristics of your body. Location: Location: Before visiting a tanning studio, you should consult your doctor. UV irradiation is contraindicated in a number of diseases, and is also not recommended during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation. Taking some medications (especially courses) can provoke the appearance of pigmentation and the development of photosensitization (increased sensitivity to UV rays). The risk group also includes people with a large number of moles and age spots - they are shown the recommendation of a dermatologist or cosmetologist.You should not consult the solarium administrator on the above issues, he is unlikely to be objective, and in the end you will pay with your health. Persons under the age of 18 and albinos may be denied a visit to the solarium (minors are prohibited from entering according to the rules of SanPiN, while albinos are strictly prohibited from tanning due to the 100% risk of getting burned).

When choosing a salon, as a rule, visitors are guided only by the modification of the apparatus used there - a horizontal or vertical solarium. However, for high-quality tanning, the power of the lamps, their number (at least 40), the service life (maximum 540 hours) and other parameters are of greater importance. If desired, this information can be viewed in a special journal, which the administrator of the solarium must keep. If such information is not available to you, pay attention to the salon as a whole (interior, service) - elite establishments value their reputation, therefore they use equipment from trusted companies, and replace lamps on time. Also, a reputable salon always offers customers additional services and accessories (stikis, hats, shoes, special cosmetics, disposable rugs, etc.).The solarium does not need a medical license, but the presence of an employee with medical education on the staff is a definite plus.

Before going to the solarium, it is recommended to refrain from the following procedures:

- washing with alkaline products, bath, sauna (can provoke skin irritation);

- the use of cosmetics, creams (except those specially recommended), perfume (can provoke the appearance of pigmentation);

- laser and wax hair removal, tattooing, peeling and other cosmetic procedures (increase the risk of skin irritation and side effects);

- prolonged exposure to the sun.

Before the tanning session, the salon administrator will determine your phototype in order to choose the right time and conditions of exposure. Tables describing phototypes must be available to visitors of each salon.

During the session, the most vulnerable places on the body should be protected - eyes, lips, nipples, moles, age spots, tattoos. For this, a salon employee can offer you special protective equipment that should not be neglected: disposable pads (stikini), glasses, a hair cap, cosmetics to protect the skin from UV radiation.

In the first two hours after the session, cold showers and physical activity are not recommended.

A number of other features should be taken into account:

- 48 hours should pass between the first two tanning sessions;

- the minimum time for one session is 2-3 minutes, and the maximum is 20 minutes;

- doctors advise to sunbathe no more than 30 hours a year;

- if you wear contact lenses, it is advisable to remove them before visiting the solarium;

- if your skin has the lightest phototype, then there is a high probability that melanin is present in it in a minimal amount, and UV radiation will not lead to tanning, but a burn;

- to obtain a deep dark skin tone, you need to use a cream with a bronzer or a melanin production stimulant, or eat vegetables and fruits rich in beta-carotene (especially carrots and apricots).

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