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Best Lipstick
Best Lipstick

In the modern world, it is perhaps difficult to find a woman in whose cosmetic bag there would be no place for lipstick. But you need to choose it in a very careful way, because not only your appearance, but also your health depends on it. Location: Location:

Study the composition carefully, because the components that make up the lipstick penetrate the blood through the skin and affect health. High-quality lipstick necessarily consists of the following components: wax (for example, beeswax), vitamins A, B, E, cetyl alcohol, petroleum jelly, oils.

Before purchasing, carefully inspect the lipstick and, if possible, be sure to use a sampler: this will help identify lipstick imperfections and determine its shelf life. First of all, find the date the lipstick was made. The standard shelf life is 2 years, during this period the lipstick will not be harmful to health.

You should be wary if: when applying lipstick on the lips there is a feeling of dryness and flaking; droplets are visible on the surface of the lipstick; the smell of lipstick is unpleasant and harsh; when applied, "lumps" appear and the lipstick lays down unevenly; a bitter taste appears on the lips after application. All these signs indicate that the product is of poor quality.

Any company offers different types of lipsticks, depending on the compatibility of four components: base (waxes, fats, oils), additives (vitamins), coloring mixture and fragrances.

Long-lasting / super-long-lasting lipstick lasts from 8 (long-wearing) to 24 hours (super long-wearing). However, daily use of such lipstick can cause allergies, dryness, so it is better to apply it on hygienic lipstick.

Hygienic lipstick is the best choice when used in the sun, windy and cold weather. Contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and thanks to its texture, it goes well with other lipsticks.

Moisturizing lipstick softens lips due to the high content of oils in its composition and makes them look attractive, but leaves marks and wears off quickly.

The nourishing lipstick cares for the health of the lips, protects against adverse weather conditions, but does not last long on the lips. Most relevant in winter.

Guided by such simple rules, in the conditions of a modern huge selection of lipsticks for every color and taste, you can avoid buying low-quality products that are harmful to your health and ensure that your lips look spectacular, sensual and well-groomed.

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