❶ Lamination And Glossing Of Hair

❶ Lamination And Glossing Of Hair
❶ Lamination And Glossing Of Hair

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Hair lamination and glossing
Hair lamination and glossing

Molecular gloss and lamination are two different treatments that result in smooth, manageable, shiny and perfectly healthy hair. More recently, you could get such an effect by contacting a beauty salon. Currently, the world's leading manufacturers of hair care products offer special formulations for home use. Location: Location: Biolamination, phytolamination - these are procedures that include washing your head with a special shampoo, and then applying a composition that promotes the disclosure of hair scales. After that, a special agent is used that penetrates deep into the hair that nourishes it, and finally another fixing composition is applied. The final stage solders the hair scales, smoothes the surface, makes it smooth, shiny and silky.

Lamination is ideal for women with any type of hair that splits, brittle, thinned, weakened by systematic dyeing, perm, long-term styling, frequent use of a hair dryer, shampoo, and also after vacation, when the hair has been negatively affected by the sun, wind, salt sea water …

Systematic lamination helps to make the hair much stronger, since all the compounds act not only from the outside, but also from the inside. After the procedure, the curls look dazzlingly shiny, smooth, strong and healthy.

Pigmenting compound hair lamination formulations can be crystal clear or colored. The colors are very diverse. Lamination can be done immediately after staining. This will preserve the color for a long time, as it will be under the reliable protection of the cellulose coating and will not undergo washing and fading.

Molecular gloss is suitable for owners of frizzy, unmanageable hair, as conventional lamination cannot straighten very curly hair.

Glossing is a more expensive procedure that helps to straighten curly hair for 4-6 weeks, making it manageable, silky and dazzlingly shiny.

This procedure cannot be carried out immediately after staining. The time interval is 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after staining. Molecular glossing is carried out under the influence of high temperature. Medical and nourishing components penetrate into the hair. This does not create a protective film effect. In addition, the hair gains additional volume, strength, which allows you to easily cope with the negative effects of the sun, wind, sea water, and frequent washing.

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