❶ Biowave Against Perming Hair

❶ Biowave Against Perming Hair
❶ Biowave Against Perming Hair

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Biowave against perming hair
Biowave against perming hair

For some reason, sometimes you want to straighten curly hair and make curls on straight lines. Moreover, it is easier to add volume to the hair with a curl. Not so long ago, lovers of curls had little choice - either to try to create curls with curlers every day, or to decide on a perm. The first was time-consuming and had a short-lived result, while the second severely damaged the hair. Today, the fair sex has an alternative - biochemical hair perm. Location: Location:

The main component of a perm was thioglycolic acid. It destroys the structure of the hair to give it the desired shape. At the same time, pigment and moisture are washed out of it. Hair becomes straw-like, with a porous structure, and begins to frizz. In addition, there is a danger of burning the scalp itself. And although manufacturers add a variety of caring agents to perm compositions, they do not save hair much. In addition, they reduce the persistence of this perm.

Another disadvantage of "chemistry" is that when hair regrowth, the difference between the treated area and the regrown one becomes very noticeable. And, of course, it is impossible to carry out staining on such damaged curls.

But since 1999, it has become possible to have beautiful curls and not cause significant harm to them. The composition for biowaving contains cystine. It is a biological protein that is structurally similar to that of human hair. Therefore, we can say that biowave to some extent serves to strengthen its structure.

However, do not think that it is completely safe. Before performing the procedure itself, it is necessary to treat the hair to make it more manageable. In addition, the composition for biowaving contains components that can dry hair and even cause allergies. Therefore, before applying new formulations, it is recommended to do an allergy test.

Bio-curling, unlike chemical, can be carried out on colored and even damaged hair. It does not cause additional destruction of their structure. But in order for the hairstyle to look better, it is still recommended to heal the hair first.

The "lifespan" of biowave is the same as that of a chemical one - about six months. It can be slightly extended by using special products. But a significant advantage of biowaving is the variety of shapes that can be created with its help - the creation of large curls, natural curls and even root volume.

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