❶ Vegetable Face Masks

❶ Vegetable Face Masks
❶ Vegetable Face Masks

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Vegetable face masks
Vegetable face masks

The benefits of vegetables are enormous and you can get the vitamins they contain not only through ingestion. Vegetable face masks work just as effectively, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. An additional advantage of these masks is that the ingredients for them can be found in almost every kitchen. Location: Location: Vegetable face masks perform various functions, cleanse, whiten, tone. For each type of skin, you can choose your own fruit, necessary for its condition. You can use such face masks daily, alternating the compositions.

Vegetable mask recipes

Fresh cucumber juice is used to whiten the skin, reduce the appearance of age spots and freckles. Squeezed through cheesecloth from a grated cucumber juice is moistened with a napkin, in which slits for the eyes are cut out, and laid out on the face.

According to a similar recipe, you can make a peeling mask for dry or sensitive skin. Cucumber juice is mixed with oatmeal to the consistency of sour cream, and then applied to the face. The skin is massaged with light movements for 5 minutes, after which the composition is kept on the face for another 15 minutes. Washed off with cool water.

To nourish dry skin, a facial mask is prepared from vegetables, which are used as cabbage and carrots. They are rubbed on a fine grater and mixed with a teaspoon of sour cream and honey.

The skin moisturizing mask is made from mashed potatoes to which a teaspoon of cream is added.

A mask for smoothing wrinkles is prepared from mashed potatoes to which a teaspoon of chopped raw carrots or carrot juice is added.

A mask is made from raw potatoes to combat bags under the eyes. To do this, the grated puree is laid out on pieces of gauze, which are kept on the skin under the eyes for 10 minutes. This mask tones the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.

For oily skin, a fresh parsley mask is suitable. For her, a teaspoon of crushed raw materials is taken, to which the same amount of lemon juice and yogurt is added.

Rules for the preparation of vegetable masks

After grinding the vegetable, vitamins are retained for a short time, the amount of vitamin C decreases especially quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare masks immediately before using them. They are applied to previously cleansed skin, the duration of use is about a quarter of an hour.

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