❶ How To Grow Long Hair Fast

❶ How To Grow Long Hair Fast
❶ How To Grow Long Hair Fast

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How to grow long hair quickly
How to grow long hair quickly

Some women dream of thick and long hair. But they are stopped by the fact that the longer the curls, the more lifeless they look. Yes, undoubtedly, a long and healthy head of hair is not easy. To become the owner of luxurious hair, you need patience and knowledge of some nuances. Location: Location: According to medical reports, human hair grows one and a half centimeters every month. But some people notice that this is not the case. The fact is that several factors affect the growth of hair and nails, among them the ecology, improper nutrition and care, and the lack of essential trace elements.

If you want to grow your hair in a couple of months, that is, you expect that after the procedures they will suddenly begin to gain length at a rapid pace, you should contact a beauty salon and use hair extension services. The fact is that you can restore natural growth, but it is unlikely that you will be able to accelerate it.

To grow your hair, you need to visit your doctor first. The fragility and dullness of the curls indicates a lack of vitamins in your body, perhaps you have any diseases that are asymptomatic. After the examination, the specialist will prescribe treatment for you or simply advise you to take certain vitamins.

Typically, organic matter such as protein is the "material" for the hair. Based on this, eat meat, eggs, cheese daily. Build your diet correctly, let it contain fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

In some cases, stressful situations, depression are the cause of brittleness and slow hair growth. Pay attention to your psycho-emotional state, you can visit a psychologist or take sedative pills (valerian, motherwort).

Use masks to stimulate hair growth. For example, use burdock oil. How to take it? First, heat it slightly in a water bath, then rub into the hair roots and cover with a plastic bag. To enhance the effect, you can also wrap it with a terry towel. Rinse your hair thoroughly after an hour.

You can also make an onion mask. Use nettle tincture for rinsing. Some women use regular egg yolk for washing, after which the hair becomes shiny and combed better.

Try not to use a hair dryer, cosmetic fixing agents (varnish, mousse, gel). Do not comb wet hair - this will injure them greatly.

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