❶ Causes Of The Appearance Of Warts

❶ Causes Of The Appearance Of Warts
❶ Causes Of The Appearance Of Warts

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Causes of the appearance of warts
Causes of the appearance of warts

Warts are a viral disease of the human papilloma. They can be transmitted through direct contact with a sick person through microcracks in the skin, or they can be of hormonal origin. In any case, they are treatable, although it takes a long time. Location: Location:

Common warts are dense, grayish or pinkish nodules with a rough surface that rise above the skin. The cause of the appearance of warts can be human papillomavirus, skin trauma, abrasions, sweating, infection through microcracks or open corns. In adolescence, the cause of the manifestation of warts is the restructuring of the hormonal background.

Warts occur on parts of the body with poor circulation - the back of the hands, fingers, and feet. These parts of the body are most susceptible to infection due to frequent irritation.

No matter how much you want to remove the wart yourself by simply cutting it off, you cannot do this. First, after a short time after self-removal, it will appear in its original place. Secondly, this way you can bring an infection, and instead of one warts, a couple more will appear.

Before starting treatment, you must visit a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis. The fact is that warts can be confused with oncological neoplasms, especially after the age of 30. The doctor may suggest you laser removal of warts, cryofreezing procedure.

At home, you can use proven traditional methods. Tea tree oil can be rubbed onto the affected part of the skin, which penetrates deeply into the skin and is a good antiseptic. You can use fresh celandine juice, which is applied to the wart and does not wash off. At the pharmacy, you can buy products based on calendula flower extract in the form of ointments and creams.

During the treatment of warts, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the affected parts of the body. Personal towels and hygiene products should be used to avoid infecting other family members.

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