❶ How To Apply Paint

❶ How To Apply Paint
❶ How To Apply Paint

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How to apply paint
How to apply paint

By learning how to properly dye your hair, you can transform at any time convenient for you. At the same time, you will not need to pay money to the hairdresser and stand sometimes rather long lines. And with the money saved, you can buy yourself a nice trinket. Location: Location: Before coloring, wash your hair only if the hair is very dirty. In this case, you need to use shampoo without conditioner, trying not to touch the scalp. Be sure to brush off any spray or mousse applied to your hair with a hairbrush.

Lubricate the forehead, temples and the edge hairline with a fat cream or petroleum jelly. This will avoid irritation and discoloration of the skin.

Wear gloves to prevent paint from damaging your hands and nails. Mix paint using only non-metallic tools and bowls. Cover your clothes with a cape, a plastic dressing gown, or an old towel, for example.

Divide your hair with two partings (perpendicular to each other) drawn across the crown into four zones. First of all, apply the paint along the partings, and then on the back of the head, as its staining is slower. If you find it difficult to distribute, lightly dampen your hair with warm water. The paint will become less thick and will lay down better.

Work the strands from the roots to the ends. Remember to apply it quickly. The whole procedure shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

If you have chosen intense colors for coloring, apply the paint, stepping back 2-3 centimeters from the roots. Only treat the roots after the mixture has saturated the hair. Lastly, treat your hair with your forehead and temples, as they dye very quickly.

After all the dye has been used, massage the hair and leave the dye for 25-30 minutes (according to the attached instructions). In the event that gray hair is dyed, add another ten minutes. After applying the paint, a "shell" should form on the head, preventing the release of oxygen and creating a greenhouse effect, so there is no need to further cover it.

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