❶ 5 Most Popular Massage Techniques

❶ 5 Most Popular Massage Techniques
❶ 5 Most Popular Massage Techniques

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5 most popular massage techniques
5 most popular massage techniques

Massage is perhaps one of the most ingenious human inventions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he can do almost everything! For example, to get rid of cellulite, tighten the skin of the face or body, remove back pain, and also relieve muscle tension. Location: Location: Toning massage

Try to set aside an hour in your schedule to visit the spa. It is there that the skilled hands of the master will bring your body to life. Toning massage will induce vivacity, drive away apathy and drowsiness. The session usually lasts 15–20 minutes. During the procedure, the specialist uses such techniques as patting, kneading, intermittent vibration, and others. After such a massage, you will feel a surge of strength and lightness.

Corrective (sculptural) massage

The general name for the whole system of sculptural massage will rather be - anti-cellulite massage, which is aimed at shaping the contours of the body. Here you can enjoy honey, pepper, classical massage, and canned massage. The technique of anti-cellulite massage deserves great attention. It is performed for at least half an hour and at a very fast pace. The main task is to break down the local subcutaneous fat deposits. This procedure is quite painful, but quite effective. After five sessions, you will be able to say goodbye to the unpleasant orange peel for a long time, as well as noticeably smooth and tighten the skin in problem areas. Another type of corrective massage is classic manual massage. It will take a little more time, but the result will be visible after the second session.

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage session will help relieve stress after a difficult day or week at work. In contrast to the tonic technique, in the relaxing version, light kneading of the muscles, shaking and stroking are used. Its main task is to improve blood flow, which means to improve the metabolism of the body as a whole. In addition to relaxation, this procedure will give you even and smooth skin and toned elastic muscles.

Exotic massage

The types of massage that came to us from distant exotic places are mainly distinguished by their technique of execution. In general, the effect of the procedure is reduced to weight loss, toning and relaxation. The most popular types of exotic massage include stone therapy, aroma massage, Thai massage, yoga massage, and massage with hot herbal bags and bamboo sticks. Which one to choose depends only on your goal. If you want to lose weight and relax at the same time, choose aroma massage. Need to cheer up? Massage with bamboo sticks will help you. And you can put your senses in order during an anti-stress massage with hot stones.

Facial massage

A separate area in the art of massage is facial massage. With constant treatments, facial massage gives wonderful results. It smoothes wrinkles, relieves acne, and provides a significant anti-aging effect. The huge advantage of this procedure is that you can do it yourself. Naturally, in order to learn how to do it correctly, first you need to familiarize yourself with the simplest techniques. Having mastered the technique of self-massage of the face, you can significantly save on cosmetics.

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