❶ Effective Slimming Wraps

❶ Effective Slimming Wraps
❶ Effective Slimming Wraps

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Effective slimming wraps
Effective slimming wraps

Exercising, eating restrictions, massage - there are many ways to get in great shape. But best of all, these methods work in conjunction with each other. And for burning fat, various wraps are perfect. Location: Location: Slimming wraps are easy to do at home, just purchase the ingredients you need. These procedures must be performed regularly, at least three times a week, so that the effect is noticeable. Correct adherence to all conditions will help you lose weight, but not only. The wraps will also perfectly cleanse the skin, remove excess fluid and toxins from the body. The positive effects of the procedures include the acceleration of metabolism, increased skin tone, and its rejuvenation. Your skin will become firmer and more elastic,cellulite will be much less noticeable.

There are quite a few pluses in wrapping. However, there are also contraindications. The procedures are prohibited for pregnant women and those who have gynecological diseases, tumors, diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, as well as those suffering from varicose veins. Wraps are contraindicated for allergy sufferers and those with skin diseases.

So, first of all, you need to find out what the procedures are. One of the types of slimming procedures is seaweed wrap. They are sold dry in pharmacies. For a session, soak two to three tablespoons of seaweed in hot water, let the mixture brew for thirty minutes. After that, apply it to problem areas of the body and hold for 20 minutes.

Another type of weight loss wrap is honey. Mix two to three tablespoons of honey and a couple of drops of essential oil, preferably citrus. Heat the mixture in a water bath and apply to the body. Green tea extracts help eliminate toxins and fluids from the body. Grind a few tablespoons of the herb, add a few drops of orange essential oil to some water. Stir and the mixture is ready.

The breakdown of fats is very well promoted by caffeine. Use a coffee-based wrap. Dilute three tablespoons of ground coffee with warm milk, smear the resulting cream on the skin. A chocolate wrap is also good. Dissolve 200 grams of dry cocoa in 0.5 liters of water. Stir, wait for the gruel to cool so as not to burn yourself.

All of the wrapping recipes are pretty easy to use, but to get them done right, you need to remember a few more secrets. For greater effect, try not to eat an hour before the procedure and an hour after it. If you really feel like it, you can drink a glass of water. It is better to prepare the skin for the session in advance - steam it under hot water, massage it with a special sponge.

Apply the mass to the body in a circular motion, like a regular cosmetic lotion. After all the mixture has been applied, wrap the body with cling film. Try not to overtighten the skin so as not to obstruct blood circulation. After that, relax for an hour, watch a movie or read a book. At the end of the procedure, gently rinse off the product and apply a moisturizer to the body. Carry out wraps every other day for a month, take a break for a couple of months between courses. If you do everything correctly, you will notice a positive effect after a couple of procedures.

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