❶ Fancy Teeth Jewelry

❶ Fancy Teeth Jewelry
❶ Fancy Teeth Jewelry

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Unusual jewelry for teeth
Unusual jewelry for teeth

A smile, like nothing else, decorates a person's appearance. Snow-white, shining, it attracts attention and evokes a response. The beauty and health industry offers to decorate the teeth themselves in completely different ways. Location: Location:

You can make your smile brighter and more attractive by using various methods of teeth whitening, restoration and decoration. And if the first two procedures are necessary, then decorating your teeth is more like creating an image.

Before embarking on any procedure related to jewelry, you need to take care of your oral health. Any products are applied only to absolutely healthy teeth or ceramic crowns, so it is better to visit the dentist in advance and cure all minor and major troubles, remove tartar, as well as whiten a smile, because there will be additional attention to it.

Skays are most widely used as decorations in dentistry. These are small items made of precious stones or Svarovsci crystals. Precious stones (diamonds and sapphires) are often placed on ceramic crowns, since in this case the jewelry can be fixed very well. But rhinestones are available to almost everyone. They are glued to the surface of the tooth using a special compound that becomes completely transparent after drying and allows the stone to refract light. This method of attaching the jewelry does not do any harm to the tooth surface and allows you to remove the product at any time.

Another type of jewelry that is especially popular among young people is twinkles. These are figurines of animals and other images made of gold, platinum and medical alloys. They are attached to the teeth like skays.

A more unusual and peculiar way to decorate the surface of a tooth is with a tattoo. The drawing is applied with special paints and lasts for a year. The disadvantage of jewelry is that its owner will have to avoid solid foods in the diet that can damage the pattern. To remove such a tattoo without a trace, as well as any other product, you need to contact your dentist.

As a rule, all jewelry lasts from six months to a year and does not require special care. So that they do not harm the tooth enamel, they need to be installed and removed in a dental clinic. And the special appeal of your smile will not go unnoticed.

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