❶ How To Properly Eyeliner

❶ How To Properly Eyeliner
❶ How To Properly Eyeliner

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How to properly eyeliner
How to properly eyeliner

For many centuries, women have eyed down to appear more attractive. Of course, many eyeliner options have been invented that hide flaws and emphasize advantages. Each type of eyes has its own tinting method, its own color scheme. Location: Location: There are many different ways of eyeliner. They differ in colors, styles, application options. Of course, there are also various cosmetics. You can do this with eyeshadow, hard or semi-hard pencils, or liquid eyeliner. They can be used individually or combined with each other.

The choice of the eyeliner option depends on the time of day, the place where the woman will be and her preferences. Black is considered classic. But besides her, there are hundreds of color options. Use them with care.

First, apply foundation, if you are using one, or a daytime makeup cream. Then start lining up your eyes, starting from the inside. Keep the line as close to the lashes as possible. If you paint the lower eyelid, then remember that it is generally not recommended to paint it below the growth of the eyelashes.

You can use a variety of eyeliner products or even combine them. Some make-up requires applying crayon to shaded shadows, while others, conversely, applying shadows to the bright line of crayon or liquid liner. It is not this that is important, but what kind of line you will need to make in order to hide flaws and appear in a more advantageous light.

If you have round eyes, use a clear, bright line on the inner and outer corners. And between them draw a very thin strip. If you want to visually expand them, then draw a thick line of light shadows on top and avoid black in makeup.

If you have wide-set eyes, then accentuate their inner corner using liquid eyeliner or eye shadow. This will visually shorten the distance between them. If you want to make the eyes almond shaped, then draw a black line on the upper eyelid from the middle of the eye to the nose. And on the lower eyelid, make the same line, but towards the outer corner.

Remember to keep your eyeliner neat. A broken or jagged line can negate all your efforts. Be sure to draw a line from the nose to the temple, pulling the skin slightly. And then your makeup will be flawless.

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