❶ 10 Myths About Hair Removal

❶ 10 Myths About Hair Removal
❶ 10 Myths About Hair Removal

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10 myths about hair removal
10 myths about hair removal

Depilation has become an integral part of the life of a modern woman. Years pass, fashion changes, but a razor, cream or wax are still in demand. The depilation procedure is constantly repeated, so it is important to know which myths you should not pay attention to. Location: Location:

Myth number 1. If you use a razor, then the hair will grow back thicker.

This is a visual illusion, as the principle of hair growth does not change when using a razor. This feeling is because the cut angle at the ends of the hair shaft remains elongated, making them look visually dull and thick. In a natural hair, the end has a narrowed shape.

Myth number 2. After shaving, hair begins to grow faster.

This is not true. This feeling is due to the fact that the hair, clipped near the skin and sprouted by only 1-2 mm, becomes immediately noticeable. For example, if you observe a man's beard for about a week, it will be almost impossible to notice hair growth. On the contrary, if a man shaves, then the regrown hair will be visible at the end of the day.

Myth number 3. If a man does wax, then he is definitely gay.

Not necessary. Indeed, a couple of decades ago, gay men were the pioneers in the field of male hair removal. Now the canons of fashion dictate their own rules, and a modern man, in order to show his smooth athletic body, resorts to the help of depilation. This is especially popular with bodybuilders who remove excess hair to reveal beautiful muscle definition.

Myth number 4. A family can use one machine.

A razor, like a washcloth or a toothbrush, is a personal care product. You wouldn't think of using someone else's toothbrush, would you?

Myth number 5. Hair removal is a long and painful process.

This is not entirely true. If you use the necessary tools and get used to the depilation procedure, then, over time, even the use of wax will reduce pain to a minimum.

Myth number 6. Permanent waxing will eliminate hair growth forever.

This is not true, because when using wax, the hair follicle does not disappear anywhere, which means that the hair will still grow.

Myth number 7. The hair structure is the same on all parts of the body.

It is fundamentally wrong. Depending on where they grow, the hair differs in the thickness of the coat and the thickness of the hair. Based on this, in some places it is easier to remove them, and in some it is more difficult.

Myth number 8. You can use the same products for facial and body hair.

Not certainly in that way. Unlike the body, the skin on the face is thinner and more sensitive, so using wax or a razor can cause pain and irritation. Depilation of facial hair is best done by a beautician.

Myth number 9. Depilatory products for men and women are the same.

Not. Products for men and women have a different composition. In men, as a rule, the skin is coarser and more oily, in women, on the contrary, it is softer.

Myth number 10. The operation of an electric shaver and an epilator is the same.

Not true. If you disassemble them, you can see that the working mechanisms are arranged in different ways, and, accordingly, each of them is designed for different tasks.

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