❶ Hair Treatment At Home

❶ Hair Treatment At Home
❶ Hair Treatment At Home

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Hair treatment at home
Hair treatment at home

Hair is a very noticeable part of a woman's appearance. When they are healthy and beautiful, caring for them is not difficult at all. But where to run if something is wrong with your hair? Try curing them at home first! Location: Location:

Hair loss

Severe hair loss can be caused by hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, stress and other health problems. The following recipes help with hair loss:

- Rub burdock oil into the scalp twice a week, or even better, burdock oil with hot pepper extract (sold in a pharmacy). If there is no burdock, castor and olive are also suitable. Wash off after 15 minutes.

- Mix the yolk of 1 egg with 1 tbsp. l. honey, apply the mixture to the hair, put on a warming cap, rinse off after an hour. Repeat this mask twice a week.

Hair has become dry

Dry hair can appear as a result of malfunctions in the body, as well as as a result of aggressive external influences. A moisturizing mask will help with dry hair:

- mix 3 tbsp. honey and aloe juice in a 1: 1 ratio, add a few crushed tablets of spirulina algae (sold at the pharmacy). Apply the mask to hair for 40 minutes, repeat twice a week.

Hair has become oily

Oily hair can be caused by malfunctioning of the endocrine glands. Pay attention to your health! In addition, the following mask will help in treating oily hair:

- mix the yolk of 1 egg with 1 tsp. water and 1 tsp. alcohol (vodka). Stir the mixture well and rub into the scalp after washing. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water without using shampoo.

Hair splits

People say: "Happiness curls hair, but misfortune splits." Indeed, hair becomes brittle and split as a result of stress, improper daily routine, as well as drying with a hairdryer. The split ends of the hair will have to be cut, this will cause the effect of their "revitalization" Restoring measures should be applied after such a haircut. In the fight against brittle hair, the same burdock oil, which was discussed above, will help. However, in this case, the duration of the mask should be increased to 40 minutes. After washing, folk medicine advises rinsing the head with infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants: chamomile, linden, mint, birch.

Hair has lost its luster

To restore shine to your hair, try these recipes:

- Rub aloe juice into the scalp once a week.

- Rub burdock oil into the scalp twice a week.

- After washing, rinse your hair with lemon juice diluted in a ratio of 1 tablespoon. juice per 1 liter of water. This "rinse aid" should be cool.


The appearance of dandruff indicates a scalp disease: impaired sebum secretion and damage by staphylococci or fungi.

- Mix 0.5 l of water with 0.5 l of 6% vinegar, boil 100 g of finely chopped nettle leaves in the resulting mixture. Wash your head with this broth for 10 days.

- Mix 1 tbsp. water and 1 tbsp. vodka, dip 1 pod of red hot pepper into the resulting mixture and let it brew for 7 days. The tincture is rubbed into the scalp 1-2 times a week before washing.

Early gray hair

Early gray hair is inherited. You can also "earn" gray hair as a result of a serious illness or a Spartan diet.

Try to eliminate early gray hair by such means:

- include natural butter in the daily menu, as well as rub it into the hair roots twice a week;

- Mix 0.5 l of water and 0.5 l of apple cider vinegar. Insist on the resulting mixture 50 grams of nettle leaves for a day. Then boil the infusion for half an hour. Rub the resulting broth into the scalp overnight. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

Remember there are 3 things to do for any hair problem:

- Switch to a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

- Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.

- Minimize chemical exposure to hair.

- Observe the correct daily routine, ensure yourself adequate sleep.

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