❶ How To Improve Skin Hydration Efficiency

❶ How To Improve Skin Hydration Efficiency
❶ How To Improve Skin Hydration Efficiency

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How to improve skin hydration efficiency
How to improve skin hydration efficiency

Moisturizing the skin is the most effective way to preserve its youthfulness, elasticity and freshness, and hence beauty. However, few of the lovely ladies think about the fact that besides moisturizing the skin, there is another important point - this must be done correctly. Location: Location:

The best way to moisturize the skin and is of the highest quality is from the inside. The need to drink water up to 2 liters a day has not been canceled. Part of this norm can be replaced with green or herbal tea, freshly squeezed juices, but the main component should still be water - mineral water without gas or ordinary drinking.

But on the surface of the skin, moisturizing creams will help to retain moisture. For dry and normal skin, products containing olive and flaxseed oil, lanolin, petroleum jelly, cocoa butter and stearic acid are useful. For oily and combination skin, creams containing beeswax, cottonseed and corn oil, spermacet, propylene glycol, light mineral oil are good.

It is great if you regularly take care of your skin. The following guidelines will help make your care more effective.

1. Apply moisturizer to skin immediately after washing / cleansing.

Moist skin retains moisture better. If you use a toner - do not rinse or wipe it off, apply moisturizer on top of the toner - and the moisturizing effect will be enhanced.

Applying moisturizer to dry (not wet) skin is almost useless.

2. The skin around the eyes requires special care.

It is so thin and delicate that you need to take care of the skin around your eyes in a special way - so do not apply regular moisturizers to this area. Standard moisturizers can be too oily for this area and cause unwanted puffiness and fat. Use products specially formulated for this purpose to moisturize the skin around your eyes.

3. Do not use an SPF moisturizer in the evening.

It is best to use a moisturizer designed specifically for night use at night. And be sure to cleanse your face from daytime cosmetics in the evening - as most day creams contain an SPF filter. During the day this is a good option, but at night a cream with an SPF filter will clog the pores, which will definitely damage the skin's hydration.

4. Moisturize your neck and décolleté

Age is reflected on the neck - do not forget about this circumstance. Moisturize your neck and décolleté skin with vertical stroking, light strokes.

5. Wait for the moisturizer to be absorbed.

And only then apply foundation or sunscreen.

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