❶ Eyelash Growth Conditioner

❶ Eyelash Growth Conditioner
❶ Eyelash Growth Conditioner

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Eyelash Growth Conditioner
Eyelash Growth Conditioner

Every woman at least once in her life dreamed of possessing an attractive languid look, so that with a wave of eyelashes, men would be ready to be at her feet. But alas, not everyone is given the happiness of having long and fluffy eyelashes. But even the owners of gorgeous eyelashes may eventually notice that their eyelashes become dry and begin to fall out. Location: Location:

The reason for this can be both some problems with the body and improper care of eyelashes. In the first case, it is imperative to consult a doctor and carry out the necessary course of treatment. But proper care can be provided at home.

Almost every day, our eyelashes are strongly affected by many negative factors. This is mascara, and curling, and wearing false eyelashes, etc. Our hair has almost the same effect. However, they get much more care.

Removing mascara from eyelashes every night should be a mandatory ritual. Due to the fact that the mascara contains a large number of fat-soluble components, from its constant exposure, eyelashes become dry and brittle. And since eyelashes are similar in structure to hair, similar care products can be applied to them.

It is advisable if you apply conditioner to cleansed eyelashes every night. This tool undeservedly fell into the category of "optional". Meanwhile, having tried it once and feeling its effectiveness, it will hardly be possible to refuse to use it in the future.

This product is manufactured by the cosmetic industry. It may contain biotin, liposomes, vitamin B5, and other beneficial ingredients. It nourishes, protects and smooths the lashes. It can also be applied as an ink base.

But you can make your own eyelash conditioner. To do this, mix equal proportions of olive oil and apricot oil. Apply it every night with an eyelash brush. It is important to ensure that this mixture does not get on the cornea of ​​the eye. To do this, apply it starting from the middle of the eyelashes towards the tips. In the morning, the product must be washed off.

Other oils can also be used as conditioner for eyelashes. It can be vaseline, campfire or burdock. It will not be superfluous if you add vitamins A and E there. With daily application of such mixtures, after a couple of weeks, eyelashes will again become healthy and beautiful.

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