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❶ Tattoo Secrets
❶ Tattoo Secrets

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Video: ❶ Tattoo Secrets
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Tattoo secrets
Tattoo secrets

Today, a tattoo is not only a tribute to fashion or a lifestyle, but also a means of decoration. Many women and men use tattoos to decorate their bodies and emphasize their sexuality. But the beauty of the picture on the body depends on its quality. A blurred, indistinct pattern will not decorate the body, but will look like some kind of pollution. Location: Location:

Of course, a beautiful, well-executed tattoo attracts everyone's attention and arouses interest, but before making a tattoo for himself, each person must realize the fact that he will have to "wear" it all his life. Therefore, the choice of a master and a drawing should be approached with full responsibility and prudence.

A good result depends on several elements: a clipper, a needle, pigments, spring pressure, skin stretch, hand movements, etc. First of all, you need to check how the machine is configured. Spring deflection must be sufficient to force the front spring to the contact screw. The needle tip should fit snugly in width. If he staggers a little, accuracy will be lost.

It is good to use carbon coated needles. They introduce paint better than stainless ones. The tip of such a needle should be coated with mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

Do not pack the needles too tightly, as it will be more difficult to get an even layer of color and even gradations. To achieve a solid color fill, you need to slow down the rhythm and find a suitable one. Then you need to stretch the skin with your thumb and forefinger and the edge of your working palm. In this case, the master should feel the beating of the needles. The movements in this process should be unhurried, the rhythm should be even. Painting should be done in such a way that a velvety richness of the skin is obtained. In this case, it will heal well and quickly.

To keep the color rich, it is better to use thick, dense pigments. A good intermediate shade can be obtained by dipping the tip into different colors gradually. This will make the transitions softer.

Certain designs on the body also express the ideology of the host. Fans of heavy music, bikers, etc. often paint their bodies. We can say that a tattoo in a certain sense expresses a person's class affiliation.

Tattoos are also divided into different types according to their design: -

Celtic patterns, - portraits, animals, -

inscriptions in various languages, - nature

pictures, - symbols, signs, etc.

The choice and space for expression are endless. Many people put a sacred, magical meaning in drawings on the body. For example, passages from prayers or spells as a talisman. Someone paints their own body as a sign of eternal love and memory, depicting a beloved or beloved.

Tattoos are also divided into types: permanent makeup, scarring, made of henna, made of persistent paints.

Thus, permanent makeup is very popular among women, such a tattoo lasts for about three to five years. Thanks to her, you do not need to bring your eyes, eyebrows or lip contour daily, this is the same makeup, only the paints are applied not to the surface of the skin, but under it.

Many people make henna tattoos in resorts, as it is fast enough and inexpensive. In addition, the completed drawing will disappear from your body in about 1-2 weeks. When applying such a tattoo, paint is not injected under the skin, so the epidermis layer is not disturbed.

Scarification (scarification) - application of artistic scars to the body. This procedure uses real scalpels. If you already have scars on your body, then using them, you can draw up a certain pattern, thereby creating a real work of art.

Tattoos made with permanent ink are the most common type of tattoo. At the same time, using a special machine, paints are injected under the skin. Such a tattoo will remain on your body for life.

In any case, whether to get a tattoo or not is up to you. You just need to remember some points before going to the master for an appointment:

• The tattoo is done for life. The so-called "flattening" of a tattoo leaves scars on the skin.

• The process of getting a tattoo is quite painful and can take a long time.

• There is a high risk of blood poisoning, you cannot get a tattoo in "underground" salons.

• After drawing on the body, various allergies may appear.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully and make your own individual decision.