❶ 10 Interesting Facts About Smoking

❶ 10 Interesting Facts About Smoking
❶ 10 Interesting Facts About Smoking

Video: ❶ 10 Interesting Facts About Smoking

Video: ❶ 10 Interesting Facts About Smoking
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10 interesting facts about smoking
10 interesting facts about smoking

One of the most global problems in Russia at the beginning of the XXI century is tobacco smoking. About half a million people die from smoking every year. The following are the facts that will surely interest both a smoker and a common person. Location: Location:

1. Smoke and money

Cigarettes are one of the most popular commodities on the planet. Their number per year reaches a trillion, which is about five hundred billion dollars in profit. One of the largest and most successful industries in the world is the production of cigarettes.

2. There is never much

Research from Harvard University has shown that nicotine levels increase annually in some well-known brands. In ten years, its number has increased by as much as 11 percent.

3. Warning from the Ministry of Health

President Richard Nixon, in 1970, signed into law a “Ministry of Health Warns…” label on every pack of cigarettes, and banned cigarette advertisements on all television.

4. American brand

70 percent of the global cigarette market belongs to the brands Marlboro, Kent and Camel.

5. Chemistry

Cigarettes contain such hazardous substances as arsenic, lead, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide and 46 other carcinogenic substances that cause various diseases.

6. Kent

In the 1950s, Kent used Crocidolite asbestos, a carcinogen that was contained in the filter.

7. Fragrances

Urea is used to add flavor to cigarettes. She is the main chemical compound.

8. Filter

In 1925 Boris Aivaz patented a corrugated paper cigarette filter.

9. Up to 18

In most countries, the sale of cigarettes to persons under 18 is prohibited, and earlier the bar stood at around 16. In Japan, smoking was prohibited until the age of 20.

10. Health in the fog

A smoker loses about 15 years of his life due to smoking, scientists say. However, a person who smokes all the time rarely dies young; a "normal life" awaits him.

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