❶ Healthy Breakfast For Fat And Old Age

❶ Healthy Breakfast For Fat And Old Age
❶ Healthy Breakfast For Fat And Old Age

Video: ❶ Healthy Breakfast For Fat And Old Age

Video: ❶ Healthy Breakfast For Fat And Old Age
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Healthy breakfast for fat and old age
Healthy breakfast for fat and old age

Perhaps you are one of those busy people whose breakfast is completely absent as a phenomenon or consists of a cup of coffee. This means that with each breakfast you take a confident step towards a decrease in immunity, bad skin, an increase in the level of adipose tissue and early aging of the whole body. I do not like? Then take into account that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be treated accordingly. Location: Location:

In the morning you have to eat. Skipping breakfast causes the hungry cries of the stomach to drown out the voice of reason, and you consume too many calories at lunch. And if the work is connected with traveling, and you also have lunch on the go, then the distraught organism will come off to the fullest during dinner. And it will not just come off, but also make strategic reserves in case of famine. Moreover, he will make them exactly where the adipose tissue leaves with great difficulty - at the waist, buttocks and hips. To prevent such frenzy, breakfast should include at least a third of the daily portion of calories. And you shouldn't finish eating a piece of cake in the morning, jumping on one leg and getting tangled in a skirt. A proper breakfast is to some extent a ritual.

What foods should be allowed on your table in the morning so that you have the strength to work effectively until lunchtime, to improve your health, so that your complexion improves and fat cells disappear by themselves?


This is a mixture of slow carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B, minerals. It is the carbohydrates contained in cereals that will maintain your strength until noon, slowly burning. In addition, they normalize bowel function.

Carbohydrate-rich meals like oatmeal have the same effects on the brain as a direct injection of glucose. The body instantly takes glucose from carbohydrates and directs it to the brain. The higher the glucose concentration in your blood, the better your memory and concentration are.

Rye bread directly affects blood pressure levels and lowers triglyceride levels. Fiber lowers bad cholesterol levels in the body thanks to the beta-glucan found in grains.

As an added bonus, a serving of whole grain cereal contains the daily requirement of vitamin E, which is responsible for fighting premature aging and the level of sex hormones. No wonder it is called the vitamin of youth and sex.

What to take: A serving of muesli, any cereal (except semolina), whole grain bread sandwiches.


Antibodies, immune system, blood cells - the entire defense system of the body is built on amino acids. You can get them from foods rich in protein. That is why the lack of protein in the body leads to a tangible weakening of the immune system. The ratio of carbohydrates to protein in your diet should be 4 to 1. It is this ratio that reduces the level of cortisol in the body, which reduces the chances of gaining excess weight. Eggs are the best source of protein in the morning. Egg yolk contains zinc and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect you from heart attack. Eggs increase the level of phosphatidylcholines in the blood, which helps to get rid of fatty deposits in the liver.

What to take: a boiled egg, an omelet with vegetables, a sausage with a vegetable salad or on grain bread, a sandwich of gray bread and a slice of smoked salmon.

Dairy and fermented milk products.

Even skim milk raises the level of anti-stress hormones norepinephrine and dopamine in the body. In addition, 350 g of milk contains 1000 mg of calcium. Taking such a daily dose of this beneficial drug, you will lose about 3.5

kg of weight, not to mention the benefits of calcium for preventing osteoporosis. Two glasses of milk a day can cut your risk of diabetes and heart problems in half. And it doesn't matter how you use this milk: by boiling porridge on it or drinking it in the form of kefir. Additionally, lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt or kefir reduce the negative effects of toxins on the liver and help cleanse the main internal organs.

What to take: A glass of yogurt or milk, a cheese sandwich.

Nuts and fruits

22 grams of nuts per day reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 44%. They also supply the body with the most valuable vitamins and microelements. Almonds, apples, blueberries lower cholesterol levels and accelerate the breakdown of fat by the body. In addition, fruits and berries will provide you with the necessary dose of antioxidants for the day. What to take: Simply add them to your porridge or muesli.

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