❶ Dogwood And Cranberry

❶ Dogwood And Cranberry
❶ Dogwood And Cranberry

Video: ❶ Dogwood And Cranberry

Video: ❶ Dogwood And Cranberry
Video: Collecting for Bonsai: Dogwood 2016 - Larry's Place 2 2023, March
Dogwood and cranberry
Dogwood and cranberry

Since ancient times, folk remedies based on herbs and berries have been known. Among the healthiest are dogwood and cranberry. These berries have traditionally been used for a wide variety of ailments, and the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. In the age of advanced computer technologies, this knowledge has been preserved and continues to remain relevant. Location: Location:

Dogwood is mentioned in the earliest sources. From it, the Romans and Greeks made hilts for their swords, spearheads and arrows. The wood of this shrub was also used for household purposes - souvenirs, boxes, walking sticks and much more.

In the fall, women picked dogwood berries for making dessert dishes and cooling drinks.

Dogwood berries are very useful. They contain a lot of sugar. When fully ripe, glucose and fructose in berries becomes twice as much as in unripe berries.

According to the content of vitamins, dogwood is in the forefront among the berries. Eating it in food helps in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, skin and colds.

This miraculous berry is also known in the treatment of scurvy. In the Caucasus, lavash is very popular, which has medicinal properties against this disease. They say that during the wars, thanks to lavash made from dogwood berries, thousands of soldiers were saved from scurvy. In terms of iron and vitamin C content, it is second only to rose hips.

Cornel is very common in the Caucasus, Crimea, the Carpathians and the territory of Moldova. It is diverse both in taste and appearance. Berries can be not only red, but also black, yellow and even pinkish. And their shape, depending on the place of growth, varies from round to pear-shaped, including the cylindrical shape familiar to central Russia.

And what is he like in cooking! He has no equal in the kitchen! Wines, cocktails, pastries - dried dogwood is simply irreplaceable here. It is used as a seasoning for fish and meat dishes, and in the preparation of soups. And when well roasted, dogwood can act as a surrogate coffee or tea.

Cranberries are no less useful. Known to us from childhood from Pshvin's stories, it spreads under our feet with a soft carpet, and it seems as if the berries are lying right on the moss. Externally similar to dogwood, cranberries are not much inferior to him in useful properties. A huge amount of vitamin C, as well as substances that promote the release of heavy metals from the body, mucolytic properties that make it indispensable for pulmonary diseases, as well as bactericidal properties, make it a real treasure of traditional medicine.

Few people know that cranberries are very useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity. The Queen of the Swamps is very useful during pregnancy. The vitamins contained in it are also useful for children; this berry must be included in the diet of a young schoolboy.

Cranberries are used for making juices, kvass, fruit drinks, jelly, preserves and jam. It also makes wonderful aromatic liqueurs and liqueurs.

Some recipes suggest using cranberries as a side dish for poultry. It makes excellent sweet and sour sauces.

In Russia, since ancient times, cranberry leaves were brewed and drunk "tea". A very healthy drink that should not be neglected in our time.

Dogwood and cranberries are berries that we have known since childhood. You can talk about their beneficial properties for hours, but the most important thing is that Mother Nature itself gives a person its wonderful fruits, you just need to be able to use them correctly.

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