❶ Essential Oils Are Pleasant And Useful

❶ Essential Oils Are Pleasant And Useful
❶ Essential Oils Are Pleasant And Useful

Video: ❶ Essential Oils Are Pleasant And Useful

Video: ❶ Essential Oils Are Pleasant And Useful
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Essential oils are pleasant and healthy
Essential oils are pleasant and healthy

Essential oils are concentrated active ingredients in herbs. These oils have a strong effect on the general condition, have a bactericidal and antiviral effect, and normalize the hormonal composition. They stimulate mental activity and lower blood pressure. Essential oils work at the level of the subconscious, aura and soul. Location: Location:

The methods of using essential oils are very simple, affordable and enjoyable, they can be applied to any age group, from birth to old age. The oils can be used alone or in combination. They are diluted and applied to the skin, added to massage oils, baths, creams, used in inhalers and aroma burners, sprayed into the air, or even simply sniffed from a bottle.

When using the essential oil for the first time, you need to check if there is any allergy to this scent. Do not apply undiluted aromatic oil to skin or mucous membranes. Essential oils are very concentrated substances, consisting of phenols, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, therefore their use requires dilution (base oil, cream, honey). Mucous membranes and eyes cannot stand direct contact with concentrated oils, irritation and burns are possible.

There is no need to increase the recommended dosage of aroma oils, start with the smallest dilutions, they may be sufficient. The first couple of times, do not take a bath with oils for more than five minutes and do not use the aroma lamp for more than 20 minutes. When the first procedures are successful, you can gradually increase the time.

Spraying the fragrance in the air can be carried out at any time as needed and desired. But it is not recommended to use tonic oils in the evening, and, conversely, in the morning you should not inhale relaxing odors.

During pregnancy, the use of aromamasels is possible after consulting a doctor.

When taking essential oils internally, in the form of a bath or massage, you should drink enough water, at least two liters per day.

Orange oil has anti-cellulite properties, detoxifies and promotes weight loss. In addition, it gives the skin elasticity and helps to reduce wrinkles. Increases immunity, tones up the nervous system and relieves depression.

Bergamot oil has antiseptic, analgesic and calming effects. It regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, helps with acne, tones and refreshes the skin.

Clove oil is used for fatigue, dizziness, toothache, arthritis and muscle pain, it stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems.

Geranium oil helps to eliminate rashes, inflammations, accelerates skin regeneration after burns. Regulates hormonal metabolism, increases mental and physical activity. The smell of geraniums repels insects.

Grapefruit oil is effective for cellulite. It also increases mental alertness and improves mood.

Ylang-ylang oil is used in the treatment of acne, eczema and dermatoses. It prevents premature aging of the skin, restores its elasticity, restores brittle and thinning hair. Stimulates creativity, is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Fir oil is an ideal cosmetic product, it helps to get rid of sagging skin. This oil creates the smell of fresh forest, is used for deodorization and air disinfection. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves fatigue.

Lavender oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, relieves redness and flaking. Effective for depression, insomnia and irritation.

Lemon oil effectively whitens and softens the skin. It accelerates the healing of cracks, destroys dandruff, and strengthens nails. It is a natural deodorant.

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