❶ Calcium, Ladies

❶ Calcium, Ladies
❶ Calcium, Ladies

Video: ❶ Calcium, Ladies

Video: ❶ Calcium, Ladies
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Calcium, ladies
Calcium, ladies

One of the minerals that forms the basis of female beauty is calcium. The body needs a significant amount of it, since it participates not only in the formation of the bone skeleton, skin and teeth, but also in the process of blood coagulation, regulation of the excitability of the neuromuscular apparatus and in increasing the tone of the heart muscle. Location: Location:

Calcium deficiency in the body is quite common and this is due to both insufficient intake of it with food and the state of the body.

Deficiency reasons:

• Malnutrition.

• Diseases of the thyroid gland (hyperfunction).

• Excess in the body of selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, which impede its absorption.

• Soft water used in food (does not contain enough of this element).

• Kidney disease.

• Vitamin D deficiency.

• Pancreatitis.

• Pregnancy and lactation.

• The use of laxatives and diuretics.

It is the multiple health reasons that sometimes do not allow calcium to be absorbed successfully, and do not bring visible results from the use of calcium preparations. Therefore, despite a balanced diet and additional calcium intake, but with pronounced symptoms of its deficiency, it is necessary to look for concomitant symptoms of diseases, the solution of which will bring a positive effect.

Deficiency signs:

• Progressive caries.

• Violation of the structure of the skin, hair and nails.

• Cramps, muscle pain.

• Urolithiasis disease.

• Thyroid dysfunction.

• Decreased immunity, allergies.

• Poor blood clotting.

• Increased excitability, tendency to seizures.

• Osteoporosis, fractures due to impaired calcium-phosphorus metabolism.

A lack of calcium is especially experienced by pregnant and lactating women, as well as women of menopause (when the absorption of calcium is practically minimal due to hormonal changes) and the elderly.

The plant-based calcium found in dates, nuts, beans, parsley, green cabbage, spinach, beans and bran bread is much better absorbed. Their animal products have enough calcium in cream powder, cheese, milk powder, milk whey powder, kefir, yoghurt, cream, fish, cottage cheese and egg yolk.

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