❶ Asthma And Pregnancy

❶ Asthma And Pregnancy
❶ Asthma And Pregnancy

Video: ❶ Asthma And Pregnancy

Video: ❶ Asthma And Pregnancy
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Asthma and pregnancy
Asthma and pregnancy

A quarter of a century ago, asthma and pregnancy were considered incompatible, and doctors would hardly have supported the desire of a woman with a similar diagnosis to have children. But today medicine has made significant progress, and even such a serious illness is by no means a reason to abandon the desired baby. What is the danger of asthma during pregnancy, what you need to do to minimize the risk and a lot of other useful information read on the pages of the women's magazine JustLady. Location: Location:

Unfortunately, asthma is being diagnosed more often today. This is due to many reasons, primarily ecology. After all, this disease is most often associated with an allergy to certain substances. Knowing how serious this disease is, many women deny themselves the happiness of having a baby. Others, on the contrary, after hearing enough stories that asthma is almost cured by pregnancy, boldly acquire a tummy and stop taking the medications prescribed by the doctor. Of course, neither one nor the other can be done.

Let's see why asthma is dangerous during pregnancy

The fact is that asthma attacks cause a lack of oxygen in a woman's body. Since the mother's body is closely connected with the baby's general blood flow, the baby will also suffer from a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). This is especially dangerous during the periods of the formation of the main organs and systems of the baby. A child may be born with deviations, from low weight, to severe developmental delay and organ pathology, or even freeze.

But such a complication is also dangerous for the woman herself. As a result of hypoxia, an ailment such as preeclampsia (edema, high blood pressure, high levels of protein in the urine) can develop. This condition can lead to even worse consequences, as a result of which an artificial termination of pregnancy may be necessary to save the life of the mother.

So are asthma and pregnancy not compatible?

Experts believe that in fact there is nothing to be afraid of, but only if the disease is under full and constant control. Especially those women who, having become pregnant, feel relief from the course of the disease, should remember this. Such a turn cannot be considered a signal of complete recovery, and, therefore, in no case should therapy, including drug therapy, be neglected.

The fact is that during pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in a woman's body. In this regard, the course of asthma may change. So scientists have found that pregnant women diagnosed with asthma may feel relief (14-28% of cases), worsening (about 30%) or not notice any changes at all.

None of these changes give a reason to stop treatment, to start taking any drugs on their own on their own.

So that asthma during pregnancy does not manifest itself with more and more frequent and prolonged attacks, you need to prepare for pregnancy, constantly be monitored by a doctor before and during pregnancy, and also follow the general rules.

Since asthma mainly occurs with allergies, it is logical to take precautions ahead of time. For example, remove from the apartment all the "dust collectors" - carpets, books (put in the closet), lovely knick-knacks (donate, take out), upholstered furniture (can be covered with plastic covers).

Eliminate foods that cause allergies. To do this, it is best to first pass a test to identify such allergens.

Since allergies can be caused not only by dust or food, chemicals, but also by changes in temperature, exercise, stress, try to avoid all of the above. It will be best if you remember the moments at which you most often have an attack: after a brisk walk, a long stay in the sun or cold, etc.

It is also useful to start a humidifier, air conditioner with humidification function. But here it is also important not to overdo it. The optimum humidity is 40-50%. If you allow her to rise higher, then you run the risk of introducing another type of dangerous allergens in the apartment - mold.

You need to especially carefully monitor your health and prevent colds.

Once again, I would like to remind you that smoking must be quit, especially with such a diagnosis as asthma. Moreover, during pregnancy, it is better for the expectant mother not to be in the same room with smokers at all. The fact is that exposure to tobacco smoke is in itself harmful to a baby, and for a baby with a predisposition to asthma, it is completely dangerous.

Cleaning the apartment and regularly washing the bed linen is a prerequisite for a normal pregnancy in asthma patients. Moreover, if possible, the expectant mother should be absent during cleaning, in extreme cases, wear a respirator.

As has been said many times, asthma during pregnancy must be monitored by a doctor. In such cases, doctors tend to prescribe monotherapy - treatment with one drug. Moreover, preference is given to inhalers, as they have a local effect and the minimum dose of the substance enters the bloodstream.

The doctor will definitely select the safest remedy, and you have no reason not to trust him. If you have been prescribed any medication, be sure that in your case, the harm from them is much less than that which can cause the next attack.

Also, you will most likely be advised to purchase a special device - a peak flow meter, with which you can monitor lung activity. Based on the readings of the device, the doctor will develop the therapy that suits you.

From all that has been said, I hope it is clear that asthma during pregnancy is not dangerous in itself, a dangerous uncontrollable disease, unauthorized refusal of drugs and the use of any means not approved by a doctor.

It follows that with this diagnosis, you do not need to give up pregnancy or constantly be afraid of the consequences. You just need to follow all the hygiene rules, as well as the doctor's recommendations, then the pregnancy will go well, and your baby will be born healthy.

Alexandra Panyutina

Women's magazine JustLady

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