❶ How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies

❶ How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies
❶ How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies

Video: ❶ How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies

Video: ❶ How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies
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How to deal with seasonal allergies
How to deal with seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies come with the first rays of the sun! The number of plant species that can cause allergic reactions exceeds 700. Therefore, if a person does not feel well during the flowering period, then it is time to start fighting seasonal allergies. Location: Location:

Seasonal allergy is a complex disease that requires treatment. First you should visit a professional allergist. After carrying out the necessary research, you can find out which plant causes such a reaction in the patient. The doctor will give the necessary advice and indicate the best treatment methods.

Complex therapy for allergies includes taking special antiallergic drugs. It will also be helpful to use good nasal drops, eye drops.

However, an allergist should prescribe medications. Based on the patient's symptoms, he will determine how often and in what amount to use a particular drug. Self-medication is not recommended! After all, you can significantly worsen the condition.

There are many rules that will make it easier to get through your seasonal allergy. They can be used as an adjunct to professional appointments:

1. Try to stay at home during high pollen concentration (5.00 - 10.00). It is useful to know that it is more pleasant to be outside after a heavy rain, since there is much less pollen at this moment.

2. When going outside, do not forget about accessories. The glasses will protect your eyes from allergens.

3. There is a pro-allergenic diet to be followed.

4. It is recommended to do minimal makeup or use only phytocosmetics.

5. Every evening you need to take a shower and wash your hair without fail. This will help get rid of pollen at night.

6. Ask loved ones to do work in the vegetable garden or in the garden temporarily. If this is not possible, hide your face in a paint mask, so the allergen will not penetrate the body.

7. When driving a car, it is advisable to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

8. Do not forget that regular wet cleaning will give a positive result.

9. Of course, hygiene is important during this period. As often as possible, you should wash your hands, wash your face, rinse your mouth, etc.

Of course, by following these tips, you will not completely forget about seasonal allergies. However, make your life much easier during this period.

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