❶ Teeth Whitening: Paste, Peroxide, Zoom Or Laser?

❶ Teeth Whitening: Paste, Peroxide, Zoom Or Laser?
❶ Teeth Whitening: Paste, Peroxide, Zoom Or Laser?

Video: ❶ Teeth Whitening: Paste, Peroxide, Zoom Or Laser?

Video: ❶ Teeth Whitening: Paste, Peroxide, Zoom Or Laser?
Video: Bleaching Teeth vs. Tooth Whitening | Dr. Anthony Mobasser 2023, March
Teeth whitening: paste, peroxide, zoom or laser?
Teeth whitening: paste, peroxide, zoom or laser?

Every girl dreams of a snow-white smile. But many are frightened by the mere thought that such an intervention can cause irreparable harm to dental health. Today there are many ways to whiten teeth, but which one should you choose? Location: Location:


The price of the tube is from 350 rubles and the inscription "Whitening", which translates as "whitening", does not mean that after use the teeth will become completely white. The composition should be examined.

The presence of abrasive particles such as flint, soda and others indicates the ability to fight plaque. The enamel, thanks to abrasives, does not whiten, but only returns to its natural color.

Pastes with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide work with the enamel surface. They lighten and remove organic dyes, as a result of which the teeth become somewhat lighter. It will not be possible to achieve flawless whiteness with such a paste even after several times of use.

And using pastes with abrasives and carbamide, there is a danger of making the teeth more sensitive and the enamel soft. Therefore, it is best to use them a couple of times a week as an addition to your basic dentifrice.

Home whitening.

In pharmacies, you can easily find a teeth whitening kit containing trays and a special gel based on peroxide. In terms of efficiency, such a set is better than pastes, but there are a number of nuances.

If the enamel is very dark, then the ready-made set is unlikely to work - you will have to contact your dentist, who can recommend the gel you need. In addition, the doctor will also take impressions from your teeth for making mouth guards, since purchased ones often do not tightly cover the teeth, as a result of which you can burn your gums if the gel gets on them.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the whitening period can last for one and a half months. During this time, you will have to exclude from the diet all coloring foods and drinks (beets, carrots, juice) and even coffee and cigarettes, otherwise the result will not be positive.

Zoom and laser.

More effective whitening methods work somewhat like the home method. Zoom (ZOOM) and laser affect the teeth with a special gel with hydrogen peroxide, only here a more concentrated composition is used.

Penetrating deep into the enamel, such a mixture, together with activators in its composition, can totally cleanse it. Stimulants are laser or ultraviolet rays. All two methods give the same result - snow-white teeth for three years. The differences are only in the cost of procedures.

The procedure using a zoom will cost about 20,000 rubles, and a laser - several thousand more. The duration of the procedures takes two hours. Naturally, you need to use such whitening services no more than once a year.

Light polymer.

Despite the effectiveness of the zoom and laser, if the situation is neglected, they do not always cope with the task. And since this method can be used again only after a year, a light-curing lamp will help to complete what has been started, which has less effect on the tooth enamel, but still sufficient for whitening.

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