❶ Do I Need To Take Immunostimulants?

❶ Do I Need To Take Immunostimulants?
❶ Do I Need To Take Immunostimulants?

Video: ❶ Do I Need To Take Immunostimulants?

Video: ❶ Do I Need To Take Immunostimulants?
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Do I need to take immunostimulants?
Do I need to take immunostimulants?

Fatigue, irritation, frequent mood swings against a general background of poor health - these are the well-known symptoms of a weakened immune system. Advertising for immunostimulants promises to fix the situation without wasting time and without harm to health. To accept or not to accept? That's the question. Location: Location:

In modern society, it has become fashionable to self-medicate. If suddenly one of the three talking ladies complains about their health, then for sure there will be one who, according to the listed complaints, will not only make a “diagnosis”, but also prescribe a “treatment”. And the cooler it gets outside the window, the more often we hear about "poor immunity", which urgently needs to be raised. Is it necessary?

The symptoms of a decrease in immunity are known to almost everyone, and if you try, it will not be difficult to find them in yourself:

- fast fatiguability;

- chronic fatigue;

- constant lack of sleep, or chronic insomnia;

- frequent colds, complications of acute respiratory infections;

- aches in muscles and joints;

- allergies;

- complication of acute diseases, with their transition to chronic and so on.

Then one of the immunostimulants comes into play, which, in the opinion of the person receiving it, should correct the situation and raise immunity. It can be one of the types of widely advertised dietary supplements or herbal immunostimulants, such as propolis tincture, echinacea tincture or something even more popular, natural, which means it is completely "harmless". But is taking immunostimulants really harmless?

Immunity is a complex of defense mechanisms that is responsible for the body's resistance to the pathogenic threat of the external environment. Of course, under certain conditions, an ideally balanced "security system" operating in accordance with its own specific laws can really fail. But only a qualified specialist, that is, a doctor, can reliably establish a diagnosis.

Symptoms that self-diagnoses mistake for a weakened immune system can be signs of serious health problems. For example, aches in muscles and joints may well turn out to be a serious joint problem, including rheumatoid arthritis, and "dysbacteriosis" - a serious gastrointestinal disease, including the presence of intraintestinal parasites, etc. Thus, a person who diagnoses himself with “weak immunity” plays Russian roulette, wasting time and further weakening his body by the senseless intake of immunostimulants.

Only after passing a serious medical examination, checking all your chronic diseases and excluding them from the list of "suspects", you can speak with complete confidence about weak immunity. But even in this case, you should not immediately run to the pharmacy and buy an immunostimulating agent. When immunity is weakened, the human body is like a driven horse that falls from overstrain. In this case, immunostimulants are like a ruthless whip, which is able to raise a "dying horse" to take a couple of steps, and then …

What to do when it is cold outside, but the body is still exhausted and weakened? The answer is simple - lead a healthy lifestyle. Observing the principles of balanced nutrition, weakening, and ideally reducing to zero nervous overload, joining sports and giving up bad habits, you can not only increase your immunity, but also forget the way to pharmacies for a very long time.

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