❶ Seven Myths About Breast Cancer

❶ Seven Myths About Breast Cancer
❶ Seven Myths About Breast Cancer

Video: ❶ Seven Myths About Breast Cancer

Video: ❶ Seven Myths About Breast Cancer
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Seven myths about breast cancer
Seven myths about breast cancer

Despite all the advances in modern medicine, doctors find it difficult to answer unequivocally why some of the women get breast cancer, and some do not. Unfortunately, among the fair sex themselves, there are many myths about this disease, because of which some women do not go to the doctor on time, while others start to panic from scratch. Location: Location:

1. Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women

The main cause of death for both women and men is cardiovascular disease. However, the exaggeration of the danger of breast cancer arose for a reason. It was formed due to the fear of many women to lose their sex appeal in the event of breast amputation.

2. Mortality due to breast cancer increases every year

In fact, modern medical advances (in particular, new chemotherapy methods) have reduced the number of deaths due to breast cancer. In addition, women began to monitor their health more closely: many of them regularly undergo mammography, which allows detecting the disease at an early stage.

3. Lumps always appear with breast cancer.

Not all women with breast cancer have breast lumps. In general, seals in the mammary gland are just one of the signs of this formidable disease. In this case, seals can be a symptom of other diseases.

4. The predisposition to breast cancer is inherited

In reality, the hereditary genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, which can provoke breast cancer, are not found in all women with breast cancer.

5. Preventive amputation of the mammary glands excludes the occurrence of breast cancer in the future

A mastectomy (removal of the breast) can significantly reduce the likelihood of breast cancer. However, it is impossible to completely remove the breast tissue, and some of them still remain. Therefore, breast cancer can develop even after such an operation.

6. In breast cancer, the affected breast is removed

Breast removal is a last resort. In practice, the tumor is usually removed first and then chemotherapy is given. This method of treatment is most effective at an early stage of the disease.

7. Breast cancer is usually a death sentence

If the cancer has not spread to nearby organs, after the appropriate course of treatment, a woman can live for many more years. And even in the case of metastases, some women live for several more years.

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