❶ 9 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

❶ 9 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast
❶ 9 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

Video: ❶ 9 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

Video: ❶ 9 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast
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9 reasons not to skip breakfast
9 reasons not to skip breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. A full breakfast works like a battery - it charges the body with energy for long hours. On the contrary, a lack of breakfast and poor nutrition can lead to health problems. Location: Location:

Energy charge.

Digestion after an overnight fast must be "started". After all, while you were sleeping, your body worked hard and now it needs additional energy.

Breakfast is the key to harmony.

Refusal to eat breakfast leads to a violation of the entire diet. In this case, closer to dinner, you will begin to be tormented by excruciating hunger, and in this state you can eat everything that comes to hand without thinking about the dangers of the foods you eat.


Skipping breakfast can cause dullness, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of your work. Starting in the morning with breakfast, you provide your body with the necessary vitality and improve memory and brain activity.

Breakfast affects health.

A healthy breakfast every day regulates blood sugar levels and has a positive effect on hormones. Choose the right foods for breakfast: cereals, muesli, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink milk in the morning.

Milk is a source of calcium that can help prevent bone problems. It is not necessary to drink milk in its pure form: you can add it to muesli or use it in the form of cocoa.


A healthy breakfast will help your body get enough calcium, iron and B vitamins, which in turn boosts immunity and reduces the risk of colds.

Breakfast and free choice of products.

If you work, then lunch, and often dinner, you spend in cafes and restaurants, so you must adjust to the proposed menu. For breakfast, you can eat any food: eggs, fish, cereals.

Good mood thanks to breakfast.

Breakfast, which gives you an energy boost, raises endorphin levels. In addition, if breakfast is attractive and tasty, then it will undoubtedly be the key to a great mood.

A delicious breakfast affects the psychological state.

Having a regular breakfast will help you tune in for a productive day. It is especially good to combine a delicious and healthy breakfast with morning exercises and a contrast shower.

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