❶ How To Beat Sleepiness?

❶ How To Beat Sleepiness?
❶ How To Beat Sleepiness?

Video: ❶ How To Beat Sleepiness?

Video: ❶ How To Beat Sleepiness?
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How to beat sleepiness?
How to beat sleepiness?

If neither spring drops, nor frosty morning patterns on glass, nor autumn coolness, nor even fresh summer morning pleases you, then most likely you suffer from constant drowsiness. Every awakening is like torture for you. When driving to work, you want to drop your head on the steering wheel or shoulder of a neighbor on public transport. In the workplace, you are just waiting for your lunch break to relax and even take a nap. You can't live like that. Declare war on sleepiness! Location: Location:

Healthy sleep

The main reason for the occurrence of daytime sleepiness is a failure in the work of biorhythms, that is, a person's internal clock. If you do not want to "nod off" all day, you should certainly get enough sleep at night!

A warm shower and a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of sweet honey or delicious cookies will help you immerse yourself in the world of dreams better than any sleeping pill. Remember that the quieter the evening goes, the stronger and healthier your sleep will be. No fights, no dramatic melodramas or horror films, no thoughts of the troubles of the day.

Think about how the bed on which you sleep is suitable for a great sleep. The mattress should be firm enough and the blanket lightweight. Often, it is overheating from downy duvets and blankets that leads to sleep disturbances.

Too dry air in a room can also interfere with good sleep. Get an ionizer, even the smallest one, and place it near your head. Well, or as a last resort, cover the batteries with a damp towel overnight.

Vigorous awakening

If you are working or studying, then most likely you get up every morning at the alarm clock. And if morning awakening is difficult for you, then the alarm clock melody for you quickly becomes the most hated sound in the world. You can slow down the process of negative associations by setting your favorite song or a pleasant melody on the alarm clock. It's great if there is an opportunity to set the increasing signal volume.

Do not rush to jump out of bed at the first ring of the alarm clock. Give yourself some awakening exercise. For example, rotate your hands and feet, bend your elbows and knees, and spin the bike. You will notice how the sleep goes away and the mood improves.

Coffee in bed

It is recommended to start the first minutes of a new day with a few sips of invigorating warm drinks: coffee, sweet tea with lemon, herbal infusions, hot compotes. And you can provide such a drink to your bed yourself. Just brew a drink in the evening and pour it into a thermos, which you put next to the bed.

Cold and hot shower

If time permits, be sure to take a contrast shower every day in the morning. This procedure not only hardens the body, increasing overall immunity, but also perfectly helps to wake up.

Daytime exercise

Sleepiness usually catches in the midst of a working day, and you begin to feel how your head goes down on its own, and your eyes begin to stick together. To drive away this feeling of lethargy, it is enough to distract from the work you are doing for a couple of minutes and spend a little physical education.

If the environment does not allow you to start jumping or squatting, then just stand up and walk down the hallway. But even if this is too much of a luxury for you, then you can, while sitting still, carry out a few breathing exercises and gymnastics for the eyes.

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