❶ How To Deal With Spring Flares

❶ How To Deal With Spring Flares
❶ How To Deal With Spring Flares

Video: ❶ How To Deal With Spring Flares

Video: ❶ How To Deal With Spring Flares
How to deal with spring flares
How to deal with spring flares

The long winter months deplete the reserves of all the substances necessary for the body, which is why in spring it is more tired than ever and needs support. For many, the arrival of spring is an exacerbation of chronic diseases that spoil the spring mood so inappropriately. But if you prepare your body in advance for seasonal changes, then the spring exacerbation of diseases may be in the past. Location: Location:

Basic rules for maintaining the body in normal shape

• Spring is the time to get rid of excess fats, salts, acids, toxins accumulated during the winter, which bring malaise and rapid fatigue. An excellent remedy for getting rid of them is a bath;

• A change of season requires a change in diet. Food in the spring should be dairy-vegetable, mainly without meat and in small quantities. The main expenditure of energy is necessary for the restoration of the body and to maintain its strength, and not for digestion;

• Vitaminizing teas with herbs, rose hips and other dried berries can replenish the body with vitamins, which are negligible in the spring food.

Recommendations for hypertension

Spring can bring or exacerbate hypertension (high blood pressure). And if a doctor has prescribed treatment, then it is better to combine it with natural medicines, which should be prepared in the fall. Regular consumption of lingonberry, chokeberry, black currant, dill and chicory normalizes seasonal pressure. A decoction of wild rose, raspberry shoots and blackberries has the same effect. For hypertensive patients, cranberries are useful, and its mixture with honey is also tasty.

• Mix an equal amount of honey and mashed cranberries and take a tablespoon three times a day 15 minutes before meals.

Recommendations for gastritis

A huge number of people experience a spring exacerbation of stomach diseases. Therefore, in the spring, light nutrition and vitamin therapy are especially necessary. Fresh potato juice (1 glass 3 times a day) facilitates gastritis and prevents its further development. Decoctions of rice and oatmeal with honey are useful for the gastric mucosa. Their enveloping action protects the mucous membrane from irritation.

Recommendations for bronchitis

Spring is the time of minimal activity of the respiratory system, which is why in spring there is an increased number of colds, as well as exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. To maintain the bronchopulmonary system, herbal decoctions, mixtures and infusions have a good effect. At this time of the year, they are the only source of nutrients.

• Infusion of St. John's wort (2 tablespoons per glass of boiling water) brew in a thermos and add a spoonful of honey. Take half a glass twice a day.

• Radish with honey (mix equal amount). Take a quarter cup four times a day.

You should not wait for the result from a single application, from any means. It took months and years for the disease to develop, so recovery cannot be immediate.

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