❶ Heels? To Your Health

❶ Heels? To Your Health
❶ Heels? To Your Health

Video: ❶ Heels? To Your Health

Video: ❶ Heels? To Your Health
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Heels? To your health
Heels? To your health

It is difficult to imagine a modern girl without high-heeled shoes. After all, they make them taller, slimmer. And men have long been attracted to such women. But beauty, as you know, requires sacrifice. One can talk about the dangers of high heels for a long time and it is useless. A woman treats them as a kind of part of her body. Even knowing what she is risking, she continues to replenish her wardrobe, one after another, with a new pair of elegant stilettos. Location: Location:

And the risk is really great. Starting from ordinary corns, flat feet, cellulite, blood stagnation, muscle and ligament damage, and ending with spinal deformity and infertility. Not to mention the constant bruises, sprains and bruises.

Recently there was a version that high heels can cause female frigidity. Indeed, when wearing such shoes, the free access of blood to the pelvic area is reduced.

It is probably difficult to completely abandon high heels. But, if you choose the right shoes for yourself and take steps to take care of your feet, you can preserve their health for many years.

Shoe shopping is best planned in the afternoon. In the evening, the legs swell a little. Therefore, a pair of shoes bought in the morning becomes small by evening.

When buying, you should really evaluate your capabilities. With your shoes on, stand up straight and rise on your toes. If the distance between the floor and the heel is less than 2 cm, then this height is beyond your strength.

When choosing shoes without a heel, preference should be given to those that are as close as possible in front. This pair is considered the most comfortable and safe, and the leg is well fixed in it.

When buying sandals, you need to take into account the factor so that the thumb does not touch the toe of the shoe. Do not knowingly wear larger or smaller shoes. Shoes should have good insoles with instep supports.

Throughout the day, you should wear shoes with heels no higher than 2-5 cm. Scientifically proven that it is this height that allows you to maintain the strength of the foot.

If it is possible to periodically remove your shoes or boots, you can wear medium or high heels. But even in this case, it is recommended to walk on them no more than 2 hours a day, and then take care of your foot in a special way.

To improve blood circulation, it is necessary to massage the feet or warm them up. To do this, just pull your fingers towards yourself, then sharply straighten them. To train the Achilles tendon, it is best to walk a few steps on a flat surface with bare feet.

It happens that by the end of the day, the legs swell. To avoid this, you can take an infusion of yarrow. Pour the dried herb with boiled water in proportions of 1: 10, respectively. Cool, strain and drink 1/3 cup a day.

When you get home, take a few minutes to prepare a soak for tired feet. Soak them in warm water with an herbal decoction.

While doing something, you can perform rotational movements with the foot. An important rule here is not to sit cross-legged.

An indispensable remedy for tired legs is ice from herbal decoctions. You can put a few drops of menthol oil or lemon juice in a clean ice bath. It is advisable to use special creams to eliminate fatigue.

Today's selection of high-heeled shoes is large and varied. And it is unlikely that a lover of hair heels will ever change her tradition. All that remains is to take care of your feet and choose the right shoes for yourself in order to preserve their health and beauty.

The peculiarity of the human foot is that a completely flat sole is also harmful. Therefore, the most optimal will be those shoes with heels from 2 to 5 cm. And the best option is alternation: flat sole, heel, high heel.

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