❶ How To Avoid Dehydration In The Heat?

❶ How To Avoid Dehydration In The Heat?
❶ How To Avoid Dehydration In The Heat?

Video: ❶ How To Avoid Dehydration In The Heat?

Video: ❶ How To Avoid Dehydration In The Heat?
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How to get rid of dehydration in the heat?
How to get rid of dehydration in the heat?

The sweltering summer heat threatens our body with dehydration, increases the load on the cardiovascular system. Even perfectly healthy people find it difficult to tolerate. To prevent dehydration, you need to follow a drinking regimen and make adjustments to your usual behavior. Location: Location:

Intense summer heat is not an easy test for the human body and for its immune system. Even healthy people, with rare exceptions, experience discomfort in the heat. For patients, the heat is fraught with exacerbations of chronic diseases.

The main danger during the intense summer heat is dehydration. Through breathing and through the skin through sweat, the body loses much more fluid than usual. These losses need to be replenished.

In hot weather, it is better to quench your thirst with table mineral water with an alkaline composition. It replenishes not only the loss of fluid, but also the loss of salts excreted with sweat. You can also drink water with the addition of salt and acid: table salt on the tip of a knife and lemon juice (one teaspoon) are added to half a liter of water. The juice can be replaced with a tablespoon of dry white wine. Unsweetened berry fruit drinks and hot green tea are also good thirst quenchers.

The amount of fluid required by the body during the day is 20-40 ml for each kg of body weight. There is no need to wait until a strong feeling of thirst appears - this means that the body is already experiencing dehydration. You need to drink more often, and when leaving the house, have a bottle of water with you. If you have to exercise, you need to drink before, during and after exercise.

You should not drink coffee, drinks containing caffeine, alcohol (including beer) in the heat. These drinks increase dehydration. Do not try to quench your thirst with sugary sodas.

Juicy fruits and vegetables (watermelons, citrus fruits, cucumbers, tomatoes) are very useful in the heat. They contain a lot of water, and besides it - vitamins and mineral salts.

Professional advice to prevent dehydration

- In the heat, you need to give up tight-fitting clothes made of synthetic fabrics and wear things made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen), loose in volume. If possible, avoid wearing ties or belts.

- Make-up products, especially foundations and powders, make it difficult for the skin to breathe through the pores. Better not to apply them in the heat.

- Reduce the amount of meat and spicy foods in your menu. Be very careful about perishable foods. Fruits and vegetables should be the main food on hot days.

- It is better to temporarily cancel sports activities, and if this is not possible, during training, before and after them, you need to drink more water. In fitness classes, you need to prefer exercises that lead to the enrichment of the body with oxygen (breathing exercises, light aerobics, yoga).

To avoid overheating and dehydration at work, you can:

- buy a spray bottle and spray water around you more often;

- drink a glass of water every half hour if the air temperature in the room exceeds + 26˚;

- put a container of water on your table (you can also have an aquarium) so that the evaporating liquid cools the air;

- visit the toilet more often to wash and wipe your hands up to your shoulders with water;

- put a wet handkerchief on your shoulders, if possible;

- every two hours try to lie down for at least five minutes - this will reduce the load on your blood vessels.

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