❶ 10 Tips For Combining Healthy Foods

❶ 10 Tips For Combining Healthy Foods
❶ 10 Tips For Combining Healthy Foods
10 tips for a healthy food combination
10 tips for a healthy food combination

Human health depends on the lifestyle, primarily on how and what he eats. Moreover, not only the composition of the products is important, but also their correct combination. There are incompatible products. And there are those that mutually reinforce each other's useful properties. Location: Location: To reduce the risk of developing cancer and strengthen the immune system, you should drink a cup of green tea with lemon daily. This type of tea contains many antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect cells from their damaging effects. Citrus juice quadruples its effect.

Cranberry juice without sugar has a detrimental effect on streptococci, which are "guilty" of the development of caries. In addition, cranberry juice inhibits plaque buildup on teeth and tongue. But natural cranberry juice is acidic enough, and in order to consume it with pleasure, you need to dilute it with plain water. It will not lose its medicinal properties and will not be too sour.

Only 1/3 cup of milk powder added to the pudding satisfies 40% of the body's daily requirement for calcium and vitamin D. In the presence of this vitamin, calcium is absorbed in the best possible way, helping to strengthen bones, ligaments and teeth; and also reduces the risk of developing premenstrual syndrome.

Add chickpeas to any vegetable dish. This will make it nutritious without unnecessary calories. And also satisfy the body's need for easily digestible proteins.

Regular consumption of fresh cabbage in combination with any deep-fried foods will help maintain visual acuity for the rest of your life. Cabbage is rich in lutein and carotene, which prevent cataracts and other age-related changes in the organs of vision. And deep-fried vegetables contribute to the best absorption of these elements.

Canned salmon added to a vegetable salad will provide the body with a weekly supply of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are essential to prevent heart disease and protect the body from premature aging. Raw vegetables can help improve the absorption of these beneficial fatty acids.

Vitamin A is essential for good vision. Its deficiency causes night blindness - a decrease in visual acuity at night. Add three spinach leaves to your favorite sandwich to meet the body's need for vitamin A by 20%. This vitamin will help protect your eyes from age-related changes.

Half a cup of sunflower seeds added to your breakfast cereal will provide you with 100% your daily requirement of alpha-tocopherol, the active form of vitamin E. As a powerful antioxidant, it prevents free radicals from damaging cells. Thus, you will improve your immunity and reduce the risk of many diseases, incl. oncological.

By adding fresh bell peppers to a salad or scrambled eggs, you get almost 100% of the required amount of vitamin C, which keeps the skin youthful and strengthens the immune system.

Lack of microelements in the body, in particular zinc, impairs the reparative properties of cells. Under these conditions, it is difficult to heal wounds and the recovery period after colds takes a long time. One-fourth of a cup of wheat germ will meet 50% of your daily zinc requirement. By adding them to your daily serving of yogurt, you can significantly reduce your risk of colds.

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