❶ How To Use A First Aid Kit

❶ How To Use A First Aid Kit
❶ How To Use A First Aid Kit

Video: ❶ How To Use A First Aid Kit

Video: ❶ How To Use A First Aid Kit
Video: How to Use your First Aid Kit & Contents - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance 2023, March
How to use a first aid kit
How to use a first aid kit

Camping, traveling, expeditions can not do without a first aid kit with first aid. Regardless of the length of the proposed route in the set must include all the necessary preparations. Location: Location: Good if the team, go camping, have a doctor or nurse, able to provide expert assistance. But usually have to rely only on their own strength. Only properly assembled kit can be a really useful way.

Don't fall for advertising for expensive products that will weigh down your styling but won't really be needed on the hike. When choosing medicines, it is necessary to consider:

- Time travel;

- travel route (not its duration, but the area);

- the number of people and their possible presence of chronic diseases (even if they took care of their first-aid kit themselves, it would not be superfluous to duplicate the set of medicines).

Most of the medicines in the medicine cabinet marching typically designed for treatment of acute diseases and injuries. Also important factor is accessibility: they must be sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Preference should be given to those with whom you have previously had a deal, and you know the extent of their effectiveness. Keep in mind when purchasing and possible contraindications to the use of drugs and their side effects, so as not to cause possible further damage to patients.

Medicines that may be necessary along the way, the following:

- anti-inflammatory;

- - antipyretics (note: you can not give aspirin to children, so replace it with paracetamol);

- painkillers;

- antibiotics;

- helps with cardiovascular diseases;

- helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

- helps with diseases of the respiratory system;

- antihistamines.

In addition, you'll need medication for the treatment of wounds, bruises, burns, as well as a tourniquet, syringe.

All purchased medicines should be divided into 2 parts: an emergency kit (first aid for wounds, fractures, heart problems, respiratory organs, as well as antihistamines) and everything else. The first set should be stored in an easily accessible location (ideally should be the same at each party's campaign), a second - for a total packing. Container for medicine must be tough, tight and protected against shocks. All medicines must-sign (that and what exactly will help). Include in the first aid kit and a list of medications. If, fortunately, it is not needed, remove it until the next time. But before the next campaign spend its inventory and replace expired drugs.

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