❶ 5 Steps To Quit Smoking

❶ 5 Steps To Quit Smoking
❶ 5 Steps To Quit Smoking

Video: ❶ 5 Steps To Quit Smoking

Video: ❶ 5 Steps To Quit Smoking
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5 steps to quit smoking
5 steps to quit smoking

Smoking is evil. If someone claims the opposite or is accepted to argue - ask him if he would like to see his children smoking. All over the world there is a fight against nicotine addiction, and many would like to end their "romance" with a cigarette. But for some reason it is believed that this is extremely difficult to do. Not at all, if you act consistently. Location: Location: Step # 1. Decision

What is the most important thing in any business? The correct answer is motivation. To quit smoking, you need to be motivated. Anything will do - both positive and negative. If only she encouraged you to give up the cigarette. Study information about the dangers of smoking; look for pluses in it; be horrified by pictures of cancerous tumors and amputated limbs; Calculate the amount of money saved in a year if you quit cigarettes, and figure out how you will spend this money. Look for the benefits of smoking cessation.

Step # 2. Plan

Plan a day to quit smoking. This is a very important point. Do not reduce the dose, do not start smoking one or two packs less a day. And quit altogether. Call it My Day of Liberation and circle it in red on your calendar. Set yourself up for the fact that he is a holiday that you give to yourself. Not black times when you become head-on with your addiction, but a holiday - something like the New Year.

Try to schedule your quit day at a time when there are no smokers around you, family members, etc. Finally, take a vacation. It's worth it.

Create a ritual that will “anchor” your decision to live without cigarettes. Let it be the funeral of the last "bull" left over from the last cigarette smoked the day before. Or something else.

Step # 3. Fill the void

Try to understand that the cigarette has occupied a certain niche in your life. And in order not to return to this addiction or, even worse, not to replace it with something even more harmful, you must not leave this niche empty.

Think about what you will do with her. Let it be a sport, some kind of hobby, fishing. By the way, sports will save you from the excess weight that often occurs in people who quit smoking. Get a gym membership or buy yourself a bike.

Step # 4. Adaptation

Do not test your willpower - do not keep cigarettes and smoking accessories at home: lighters, ashtrays, pipes, and the like. And all sorts of electronic gadgets that simulate smoking, too. With them, the probability of your failure tends to zero. In addition, during the adaptation to a healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol, strong coffee and other products that provoke the desire to smoke in you. Avoid smoking companies.

If you do not rely on your own strength, resort to the services of a psychotherapist and medication. The drug Tabex saves well from the withdrawal symptom. Just do not get carried away with it and strictly follow the instructions, otherwise you risk replacing one addiction with another.

Step # 5. Fixing the pros

Record positive changes and enjoy them. You can even arrange small parties with balls and cakes for them. There are many reasons. A few days after giving up cigarettes, your taste will return to you, your sense of smell will intensify, your clothes will stop smelling like tobacco, and you will never have to wash your hair 2 times a day. Then shortness of breath, morning cough will disappear, the skin will freshen and rejuvenate, the color of the nails will even out.

And most importantly: be aware of yourself as a non-smoker. You are not a quit smoking, not a former smoker. On the very day of quitting nicotine, you consciously became a healthy non-smoker.

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